Friday, May 16, 2014

Rest of first week in Tokyo

Was in Ikebukuro and decided to give Muteki another go.

As before a long queue.

When I had it the first time, I found it lacking.

Char siu is good but that's it. Overatted.

Two cute girls called Hachimitsu singing in Akiba. Had to wait to buy their CD but my stomach was rumbling.

Decided to try Furyu in Akihaba. Normal charsiu is 750円 and extra charsiu 200円. The best part is you can have kaedama aka extra ramen for FREE! This is godsend for students. Order the cheapest ramen for the free double kaedama. Not bad.

Unfortunately Hachimitsu were gone after my dinner. :(

You can find them at


Sperion said...

Doesn't the sign behind hachimitsu say "street live and vendor are forbidden"?

Akiramike said...

Lol. That it does! This has destroyed my image of Japanesr as law-abiding people who will not even cross an empty street when the light is red.