Friday, May 09, 2014

First Class eps 1+2

First Class is, as the narrator says in the beginning of episode 1, a super cheesy show about good looking women backstabbing each other. I love backstabbing shows like Game of Thrones but I've never seen backstabbing so boring until First Class.

To dress the lack of story up, the writer gives the bitchy infighting this hip name of mounting; where women compete with each other over their social status based on love life, money etc. It could possibly be a real word and if so, its a very thought provoking word. I suffered through two stupid episodes hoping to see some physical mounting, preferably on the desks to no avail.

To make things worse, whoever wrote First Class decided it would be a good idea for the audience hear the characters' internal bitchy thoughts thereby eliminating any need for any bitchy acting. The problem is, the internal thoughts don't tell us anything new, interesting or contrary. Someone needs to tell the scriptwriter one of the main rules of script writing is if an actor can say with a look what needs two lines to do, you go for the look.

At the end of the day, this show is written solely for those Japanese women who worship Erika-sama for her looks. I should review a show for what it wants to be but it just wants to be pure trash. I love eye candy but this show is not even mediocre. For the love of all good jdoramas, First Class must not be subbed so that it can be forgotten.

If you want to see a good jdorama with great acting and a good script about girls bullying each other, go watch Life starring Kitano Kii and Fukada Saki. If you want to perv on Sasaki Nozomi, watch Tenshi no Koi. Avoid this crap.


xaxa said...

My thoughts exactly. Endured only 2 episodes too.

xaxa said...

My thoughts exactly. Endured only 2 episodes too.

Anonymous said...


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