Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jmovie review : Saikin, imouto no yousu ga chouto okashindaga.

Went to Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa to watch this 15+ movie. Never saw the anime caused it looked so generic. Anyways, Mitsuki's mom remarries and she gets your generic anime hero as a brother.

The plot in Imouto okashi is this see-through negligee wearing ghost Hiyori appears and has a thing for Mitsuki's new stepbrother as well as being able to possess Mitsuki's body.

Sounds like a movie full of fanservice and comedy hijinks right? Sure its got lots of nudity and female on female ghost action but those are far and few between.

At its core, Imouto okashi wants to be this serious drama but absolutely fails in the directing department while dissappointing people like me who went for ecchi comedy. One dude even feel asleep halfway!

The acting is so bad especially the water fight scene. Imouto okashi wants to be more than juat fanservice fluff but in the end it ended up doing nothing. It takes itself too seriously  and doesn't seem fun.

The one thing that got me excited was the trailer of Iron Maiden. The three minute trailer had more excitement than the whole Imouto okashi movie. Too bad it comes out in July. : (

When I was buying the ticket I was reading the title from the poster and somehow my brain froze after saikin. I was thinking what's sister in Japanese again and somehow the only word in my brain was ane. The ticket girl probably thought I was too nervous. lol.

Don't waste your time. There are a lot better pinkus out there.


Shane said...

Why are the vast majority of Japanese movies these days so crap? I mean, even the promising ones tend to crash and burn somewhere toward the end. I can name plenty of excellent doramas I've watched over the past few years. But films? VERY few.

On the topic of doramas, I highly recommend Rivers Edge. It's a spiritual sequel to Mahoro and follows the exact same formula. Which is probably why I love it.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

Akiramike said...

Oh man, that is a loaded question. My favourite Japanese movie last year was Sayonara Keikoku and I'm pretty sure 99% of Japanese have never heard of it.

I've got so much catching up to do when I het back.