Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sambomaster: Mada Mada! Owaranai Miracle no Yokan Tour 2014 at Fukuoka Drum Logos

Next door is the live event for BiS, an indie idol group.

I went super early so I could line up near the front for goods.

The BiS goods line.

Lining up according to numbers. I was no. 118. ☺
Its a crime how not famous Sambomaster are but thanks to that, they play at live houses where any place has a good view because its so small. I think there were around 300+ people.

The end of the queue to get in. At thw ens I lost my voice, was drenched in sweat and was wondering how the singer can keep going?

Towel. Sambomaster is one of those rare bands where I love their new stuff, old stuff and really old stuff.

But why the fuck can't they make a cool t-shirt? Scandal t-shirts are cool but they don't have XL size.

Sambomaster sang their new song Aishiteru aishitetai which was meh. They sang the acoustic version of a song I never heard of and I forgot the name of the song.

They also sang Aitakute which I love and I don't think they sang it at last years's tour and the highlight of the night was one of my favourite old songs Anata to ikitai as the last one. That was the one song that I felt was missing from the live I went to in November last year.

I just need to go to a live in Fukushima to hear them sing I love, I need you Fukushima.

Shishamo! I really like Boku ni kanojo ga dekitanda.

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