Thursday, May 22, 2014

Osaka and Kumamoto

Dancing comp neat ATC hall where the Madoka exhibition was held.

Was heading to Mitsuboshi seimenjou for noukou ramen in Osaka when I came across this new hakata ramen place nearby.

Not bad. I've stopped trying to compare every tonkotsu ramen place with my two favourites. As long as it tastes decent I'm happy.

Wow at the price of Shining Force 3 premium disk. Radiant Silvergun also costs quiet a bit.

Retro game shop in Den Den town. Will post about my purchases latr.

Wao playing Oni at Taito Nipponbashi. Watching him destroy 20000BP players so easily is as if he's playing a different game.

Yay Kumamoto! My favourite town in Japan. You can find touristy pictures from my trip last year by searching my blog.

Best rated Kumamoto ramen according to tabelog.

I found the garlic taste way too strong. Should have ordered ramen with egg.


 I think it was called Kinryu. Been here before and it was ok. Barikata doesn't feel kata at all.

Karaage set at Yayoikan which is open 24/7.


bframe5 said...

You mean, mitsuboshi seimenjyou, right?
mitsuboshi senmenjyou means 3-star toilet. ^^;

Akiramike said...

Oops. Lol.