Friday, May 02, 2014

Black President eps 2-4

Is it a coincidence that Dan Mitsu is appearing in both my two favourite doramas at the moment, Black President and Coffee-ya? lol. Ozaki Masaya is on a roll with his writing.


+ Mitamura shachou's argument for mini-skirts. lol

+ Mitamura's reason for coming to university.

+ The look of horror on Kuninaka Ryoko's face (not pictured) when shachou picked up the pen at the end of ep 2 expecting him to give the pen argument. lol A great example of Ozaki Masaya writing great jokes without punchlines or explanation.

+ Black President vs White President in ep 3. I love that the answer in the end is not so black and white.

+ The Yuri character played by Kadowaki Mugi. She's the go with the flow character who's looking for some direction in life. She's very different from your archetypal characters.

+ The president doing good things for selfish reasons. That's how you keep a progatonist 'bad guy' interesting plus finding out his true motive is fun.

+ The president's people manipulation reminds me of Doctors. In the above shot, he says wearing an apron will make a girl 30% more popular. lol. He forgot to mention hadaka apron is a 100% increase.

+ Mitamura losing control when confronted by things he doesn't like and his entertaining preaching.

+ Black President has plenty of eye candy and brains, the perfect combination. I'm talking about the show of course.


- Still not feeling the chemistry between Kuroki Meisa and Sawamura Ikki.


- My stomach rumbling like crazy at in ep 4 with all the yakisoba and continuing to do so as I write this.


Absolutely must watch dorama. Can't believe no one is subbing Black President. This season is so good, I haven't had time to do anything else.


dgundam said...

is dan mitsus acting even good in both those shows
i dont understand why shes even popular. she wasnt even good in hanazawa naoki.
hmmm i see that u keep on posting kuninaka ryokos pics! if only she was the female lead :(
sux that no one is subbing this show. :(
im amazed your watching and reviewing so many shows this season.
i havent watched a single thing yet just been stockpiling.

Mrmz said...

I really REALLY want to watch both this dorama & River’s Edge but they're both not being subbed :'( What can I do??

Antspace said...

Dan Mitsu can't act, but there are some really sexy pics of her on the internet. Must be good at something else : p

Antspace said...
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Antspace said...

Sorry for the double post. Deleting didn't entirely remove it. It wasn't that good a post anyway. I apologize to all the Dan Mitsu fans : )
By the way, River's Edge Ookawabata Tanteisha has been taken up by Arakira : D

jung said...

Mike, you should sub this. hehe.

Mrmz, just get the timed sub and run it through Google translate.

It can't possibly be any worse than those awful old Antique Cake that was double-translated from Japanese->Chinese->English.

Antspace. I agree about Dan Mitsu. And she's sucking up airtime from other more talented actresses.

This is turning out to be a good season. Nothing jaw dropping good, but many solid shows.

Akiramike said...

Antspace: I don't think there are any Dan Mitsu fans who will defend her acting.

Jung: I haven't even finished translating the Sakamoto Yuji interview. I can't remember any season where there are as many fun shows as this one.

Dkd said...

New here! Btw, Dan Mitsu even won Best Newcomer in Japan Academy Award this year. Her movie is about S&M. Maybe only gravure things she's good at it