Friday, May 30, 2014

Japan 2014 days 18-20 : Back in Tokyo

I was thinking of going to Odaiba just for Tanaka Shoten and hesitating over how the cost of travel will push the price to 2000円 when I decided to check the website.

Lo and behold there's a Tanaka Soba in Akiba. Ordered charsiu soba omori which cost like 1100円. Old lady didn't ask any questions and then I saw the koteri sign aka thick soup after I sat down.

I had no idea about soba and asked whether I could choose how hard it was and elected for barikata. Unfortunately soba is not ramen and tasted just meh. Wtf not open a ramen branch ffs.

Went to Asagaya anime street and there's nothing much there. I like Asagaya though. Feels like a showa town. Should have taken pictures of the town.

There are only like 10 shops and there's not much to buy. Asagaya is only 3 stops away from Nakano so they better give people more reasons to go there.

Softmap in Akiba. I am seriously running out of space to put my figures.

Went to Ogikubo which is on the chuo line just past Asagaya...

to try Haruyaki which is under renovation until tomorrow. I believe it was one of the ramen shops used in Tanpopo.

Random crappy hakata ramen at ikebukuro. Don't feel like trying new shops.


Unknown said...

If you're in Shinjuku, you should give this place a try. Get the tonkotsu/ebi broth ramen!

Akiramike said...

Thanks will check it out!