Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ore Monogatari 1-12

Imagine if Gori and Rukawa from Slam Dunk grew up as childhood friends and every girl that Gori liked fell for Rukawa instead. Imagine if Gori saved this cute girl from a chikan and fell in love with her. That is the premise of Ore Monogatari.

It is a very fun premise; your typical supporting character and main characters changing roles. Plus it reminds me of one of my favourite mangas, Angel Densetsu about a guy who looks like a devil but is an angel at heart. The mangaka of Angel Densetsu wrung as many jokes as he could from the concept and finished it right before it became stale.

Ore Monogatari is less funny and a lot more sweet. Which is ok until the end of the blue and red oni story is revealed and the girl, Yamato's secret is revealed. Then it becomes just another sweet shoujo anime.

The second half got stale for me cause the characters turned out to be one note and the story didn't have much else to go. Maybe the manga finishes great or maybe this holding pattern is due to its success. Ore monogatari just feels like the concept is not being fully utilised.

Great first half and meh second half equals ok anime that is slowly descending into boredom. They better end this quick or move the story forward by the next episode. Oh yeah, the animation looks very good unlike Arslan. :(


Sonna~ said...

One thing that I really like about this anime is that it doesn't fall into the stereotypical shoujo "misunderstanding and have several tense episodes about the misunderstanding."

I remember the episode where Yamato thought that Takeo didn't like her anymore and she went to Suna's house one night.

Yamato: Oh no! Takeo is busy/told me not to stay out late. What if he doesn't like me anymore?
Suna: Nah, it's not like that. He's just busy.
Yamato: OH! OK I understand, please eat these delicious baked goods. ♥♥♥

4545 said...

Somewhat agree with Mike's review of this, but I'd highly recommend this as an awesome romantic comedy.

I think the story picks itself up pretty quick after the parts where Mike says that it slows down.

Really liked the simple, down-to-earth approach that makes the script more wittier than it seems.