Friday, July 03, 2015

Fire Emblem If special edition unboxing

Kitaaaaaキタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! It's finally arrived!

I had to pay double for the special edition since the bloody preorders sold out two months ago.

Only problem is I'm in the middle of playing Utawaremono which is taking longer than expected and Aruruu is the best fake JRPG daughter ever.

Fire Emblem cards. Meh.

Probably the scene where you have to choose which side.

The main reason I wanted the special edition is that I wanted both games in one catridge instead of having only one and having to download the other. The bad thing about Nintendo hardware is if my 3DS or WiiU dies, I lose my digital downloads unless I can get Nintendo Japan to fix it for me.

I'm not a Fire Emblem fan but this is the strategy RPG with the biggest budget and I'm a fan of the genre. Hope its better than Kakusei which I can't remember anything about except magic was too strong.

Why would anyone want to choose the Byakuya oukoku route first? Apparently its easier so I kind of have to play it first. At least I now know who I'm going to pair with during the second story.

The two imouto characters. Still prefer the anya oukoku designs.

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