Sunday, July 05, 2015

Parasyte: Part 1

I went into this with super low expectations. I had watched the anime some time ago and found it fun but not absolutely must watch. Kiseiju (Parastye) is basically your teenager gets super powers story except its darker, people die and it explores some interesting questions.

In the beginning of the movie, I wasn't really happy with it. It felt like they were rushing through the story beats from the anime. However I kept watching and I thought they did a pretty bang up job adapting the various action scenes from the anime with the budget that they had. Nothing looked too dodgy and I can't believe this is the same director who did the abomination Yamato.

This movie needed an extra 15 minutes to let the Shometani Shota and Hashimoto Ai's characters breath.   You got to make your audience care about the characters before you put them in danger. The movie introduced the art class scenes in order to expand on the main character's relationship with Hashimoto Ai and his mom but it just felt inadequate.

However, if the director and writer had no choice but to limit themselves to an hour and 45 minutes, then I don't think they could have done much better cause they had to fit so much in and there wasn't any action scenes they could get rid of or join together.

I'm actually quite eager to see how they did certain scenes in Part 2. I really like Fukatsu Eri as the teacher. She is the only person in the movie who the audience really gets to know slowly. Keep your expectations low and you might enjoy this movie.

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