Thursday, July 09, 2015

Tenshi no Knife Eps 2-5

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our third must watch jdorama of the year after Kageri Yuki Natsu and Yami no Bansosha! Its sad that none have been subbed maybe Tenshi no Knife will be seeing as its got Nogizaka 46 girls although Yami no Bansosha deserves to be subbed the most. After episode 2 I could not stop watching because every episode ended with a goddamn exciting cliffhanger.

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way; the acting is not very good. Koide Keisuke is no Koizumi Kotaro. Koide Keisuke does an ok job but there are some scenes that are just bad and I couldn't keep comparing his acting with Koizumi Kotaro's in Namonaki Doku because the roles are very similar. Koizumi Kotaro does a much better job showing  repressed frustration and fiery anger.

That being said, the story is effing awesome. Its a cross between Soredemo Ikite Yuku and Petero no Souretsu with your everyman trying to do the right thing caught in a unusual and complicated mystery suspense about juvenile crime and atonement. Do juveniles deserve to be treated less harshly than adults just because they can be reformed? Is protecting juveniles more important than keeping the victim's families from getting any closure? Tenshi no Knife asks explores a lot of questions but never gets too preachy.

Not is all bad in the acting front. Kurashina Kana does a great job, especially in the flashback scenes playing a 15 year old. Usually when an actor plays a much younger character they keep it short and don't try hard cause its not convincing but she really gave it her all in this. I guess she had to cause it such a long and pivotal flashback.

If the acting were really good, Tenshi no Knife could have been a Lady Joker. I hate to see idoru casting when supporting parts turn out to be very important. Surely WOWOW didn't have to do it to finance a dorama with a script this good? That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the story, maybe more than I should have and wouldn't mind rewatching it. Must watch. If you've got basic Japanese, give it a go. The most important word to know in Tenshi no Knife is kousei 更生 which means rehabilitation.


dgundam said...

hey mike, i know youve had problems with failing hard drives before so i got a question.

i previously bought a 3 tb internal hard drive, formatted it then placed it inside an external case and was using it as an external back up hard drive. ive used the majority of the drive, only around 700gb left free.
well for some reason while i was transfering some shows onto it, it said the folder wasnt there or it was corrupt, so i turned off the hard drive.
when i plugged back in, the computer is not autodetecting the drive at all and doesnt show up in the my computer window.
when i right click on my computer and click manage, it shows the drive in the disk management tab (where you go format drives), and it shows 700gb unallocated disk...soo
do you have any ideas what i should do to retrieve 2TB of dramas?

dgundam said...

oh and on another note, where are you getting episodes of tenshi no knife from? thanks

Anonymous said...

asiatorrents has it up, 720p

Anonymous said...

Kageri yuku natsu has been fully subbed, yami no banshosa is in progress (hope it's not suddenly dropped), I dunno about tenshi no knife but looking at the cast I'm optimistic. Don't be so bleak we got hope lol. Still waiting for the goddamn Makete Katsu sub though

Akiramike said...

dgundam: Sounds bad. Hope you have a back up.

This might help.

good luck! Which reminds me I've got to back up my doramas to my other two spares.

You can also get Tenshi no Knife from nyaa.

Anon: Completely forgot Kageri Yuku Natsu got subbed. Yami no Banshosha getting subbed is good news!

dgundam said...

unfortunately, i had the great idea of taking out the hdd from the external case and plugging it into the motherboard. i turned on the computer and while it was loading up, it prompty startled deleting invalid orphan files.
after the pc was open i could not access the drive so i had to add a new owner, and change the drive letter.
opened the folder of the hdd and found only 2 episodes of a drama inside. everything else was deleted. all 2 TB worth of dramas.

im annoyed but not too sad since fortunately most of the dramas in it are the bad/medoicre/average dramas. but my asadoras are now gone and its going to be a pain trying to get them. i just finished transferring the 50gb asadora drama oshin onto it before it failed. thank goodness i didnt delete it off my pc.
i also lost every single unsubbed jdrama ive been collecting throughout my jdrama viewing life. i know some i can and will get back from raredoramas but i had plenty of others that i dont think i will ever get again.

i think im going to have to start backing up the backup.
it just sux how video files are so large and i cant fit dramas onto my pc anymore so i dont move any of the good ones off the pc, i back up the good ones but the external hard drive is getting old and i fear for its continued operation. meanwhile i find it a waste to backup the dramas in the external hard drive into another external hard drive.