Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Risk no Kamisama Episode 1

Toda Erika is a young executive at Sunrise, a huge company that does everything like Sony etc. She is in charge of the development of this super long lasting battery. Like a WOWOW dorama, something goes wrong with the battery and the God of Risk, Tsutsumi Shinichi gets involved.

First off, the first thing that made me go WTF was casting Toda Erika as a young executive. I thought they should have at least cast someone who looks 30 something. Luckily, her age is a big part of her character so that's cool. Thank the jdorama gods they did not cast Ueto Aya in this.

The talent in Risk no Kamisama is pretty good with Furuta Arata and Yamaguchi Sayaka. I like the concept of this show; a high flying executive who is way too young and naive not works in risk management and has to clean up other people's problems.

There's also the issue of company politics with the bad guy from Moteki in one corner and Kita Yoshio as always in the other. (Can they please cast someone else as the smiling, good guy puppet master besides Kita Yoshio. Not saying he's bad but there must be other actors out there. How about Toyohara Kosuke, Mr Lan Evo from Densha?)

Really promising first episode. Risk no Kamisama feels like a WOWOW show with a getsu 9 budget. Let's see how many interesting stories they can get out of Sunrise creating defective products. Thanks to shikashitsuji for subbing ep 1!


Cyberwave said...

I am still on the fence after watching the 2nd episode.It looks like God of Apology instead of God of Risk.What I want to see is how those risk managemnet team resolve and overcome the challenging scenarios rather than dealing with mess by stupid and stubborn CEOs. For me it is still far from WOWOW quality in terms of hardcore-ness, but it's still by now watchable given there's almost no jdorana that take things seriously this season.
P.S. I think Matsushita Nao or Ono Machiko is better suited for Toda's role.

P.P.S. Watched 1st Episode of WOWOW drama ENKA -Gold Rush- starring the mighty Moriyama Mirai and Takahata Mitsuki. The story and acting looks OK.Watchable.

Anonymous said...

I was on the fence about trying this drama out, but I think I might. The stills of Toda Erika gave me pause. This girl has dropped sooo much (tooo much) weight.

pondloso said...

Risk no Kamisama is the best in this season for me
this drama stick with realistic and all actor/actress are great for me
i just cant believe they give best slot to bad drama again and again
and let good one fill in bad slot don’t understand what they thinking

Akiramike said...

Cyberwave: Good point on God of Apology. Totally agree on your point on risk management.

Enka Gold Rush is sooo hard to understand for me. They talk so fast like real life kansai-ben.

fluflu jean said...

Toda Erika needs to get a open buffet at Mr donut. She's too skinny!!!