Monday, July 06, 2015

Tenshi no Knife Episode 1

One day, Cafe Manager's wife is killed at home with a knife but luckily baby was unharmed. Wife had multiple defensive wounds on her body trying to protect the baby.

Luckily the mother in law is hot. For some reason I got Mayumi Wakamura mixed up with the Neko Samurai lady and it took me until episode 3 to realise it.

Kurashina Kana turns up at the funeral as the deceased wife's old friend and somehow he hasn't heard of her. I'd say things are looking up for Cafe Manager.

Turns out the killers were 3 middle school kids so they can't be tried as adults. Cafe Manager's life becomes hell with press harassing him and random phone calls crazy people. The juvenile system is more about protecting the criminals and reforming them than about the victims, yada yada yada.

Cafe Manager then says he wants to kill the 3 kids which somehow makes people graffiti his coffee shop and throw eggs at him. Hello, the dude's wife was killed and the killers are kept hidden and will not be put in jail. Sometimes, things in Japanese doramas makes me wonder but there are always things in Japan that never make sense like Japanese not taking their coats off despite it being hot inside trains.

Four years later, Cafe Manager is enjoying life with hot mother in law and Kurashina Kana who works at the child car facility when they find out the identity of the killers. However, one of the killers ends up dead in a park near the cafe.

Cafe Manager goes to juvenile facility to learn more about dead killer. Finds out that the guy played basketball and teachers defend him cause he broke down when he was in charge of a new juvenile who's parents had tied when she was young.

Cafe Manager is one his way back when he is attacked by youths and the girlfriend of the dead killer turns up with a baseball bat to take revenge.


Interesting first episode but I'm not feeling the acting. I'm glad no one is really overacting except maybe the creepy cop but something feels a bit off. Despite the heavy subject matter, there's no scene so far where the tension and pain is so real I can feel it through the screen ala Soredemo Ikite Yuku. Hope it gets better.

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Hello! May I ask where you watched it?