Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Neko Zamurai 2 Eps 7-11

The movie was basically a poor rehash of the first season and the second season felt the same but I kept watching Neko Zamurai cause it was 20 minutes per episode.

The series really picked up for me in episode 7 with the story about the fencing dojo and episode 8 was the funniest with the body swap.

The last three episodes switch to a higher gear with Tamanojo being targeted and the mother in law visiting.

I hope this is the last we see of Madarame because there are only so many ways to skin a cat.


Looks like Lunch no Akko-chan is being subbed. Its a fun feel good life lesson series with Renbutsu Misako and Mano Erina. Don't go in expecting too much and you'll have a fun time. The only negative thing I can say is that potafu doesn't look delicious at all. On the other hand, the dry curry looks so good.


The video game industry lost another one of its giants. It was weird watching the last Nintendo direct before E3 without Iwata-san.


Check out jadefrost's report on actor rankings. 


Sonna~ said...

Glad to hear Lunch no Akko-chan is getting subbed -- I couldn't find it on the website you posted (and I can't use torrents).

There's a Korean Shinya shokudo now, it's not a direct copy of the Japanese one, but it does copy many of the same characters. It's lost a little of its charm too. I know these are usually bad, but I always watch the first episode of Korean remakes.

dgundam said...

at nyaa torrents its knaifu, not knife. it took me a while to realize that lol.

i dislike korean remakes, not in the fact that their copying it, but in that all those kdrama fans think the show is the best without realizing its a copy, or that sometimes they say its superior to the original jdrama.
i also dont like how they put crappy romance plots into it.

you guys should try watching the korean version of kekkon dekinai otoko titled he who cant marry. i just cant get used to the acting of some of the characters like eiji and miharu. meh.

Sonna~ said...

I think I saw the first ep of Korean Kekkon Dekinai. It was just too much of a copy. I dislike Korean remakes for the same reasons -- the think it's the best or superior when it's not.

I'll try knaifu, thanks @dgundam.

Akiramike said...

How dare they desecrate the greatness of KDO with a remake!