Monday, July 27, 2015

Risk Kikitaisaku no Kamisama Ep 2

Risk no Kamisama Episode 2 didn't lose me with a story that had nothing to do with risk.

Risk no Kamisama didn't lose me with the poor attempt at a corporate blackmail story that's not even 1/10th as exciting as Lady Joker.

Risk no Kamisama didn't lose me with the cartoonish villain boss that gave me flashbacks to Hanzawa Naoki.

Risk no Kamisama didn't lose me with a story about people who still had jobs whinging about being made to do menial tasks. They should have been looking for new jobs while they still had a place to stay and salary coming in. What is it with jdoramas and blaming other people for inconveniences?

Risk no Kamisama really lost me when Tsutsumi Shinichi started blaming the President of Toyokawa foods for choosing meek employees and somehow linking it with the blackmail problem. The 'cool action' music made it even worse. WTF.

Is this the same writer who wrote Unmei no Hito and Untouchable? Why do mainstream jdoramas have to dumb things down to the point of stupidity? Its as if the Fuji TV mandated a villain be in the story and we have downtrodden survivors of a company downsizing.


I fucking hate moe. Its brought us K-on but ruined JRPGs forever. Fire Emblem if should have been called Fantasy Marriage Simulation. Not only is the story, at least for Byakuya Oukoku (White Night Kindgom) so freaking boring, there is no character development and every conversation is basically moe tropes that have nothing to do with the story.

At least Stella Glow limited access to conversations until you reached a certain stage because the tuning/dating had something to do with the story. Let's not mention you as the commander calling your troops into your abode so you can molest them with your 3DS touch pen and somehow all of them like it.

Did I mention its a war story but really its about how everyone likes the main character because he or she is so nice or how the kids who magically grow up into teenagers in an instant bit is shoehorned into the game for whatever reason. (At least it fucking made sense in Awakening with the time travel) I married Akua but the relationship with her in the main story is more like a comrade. I'm never buying another Fire Emblem game ever again. Fire Emblem If makes Stella Glow look like Shining Force. Fuck moe.

Oh yeah, I'm now playing through Anya Oukoku (Black Night Kingdom) and Nintendo is basically using all the assets from the first story. Seriously, the only effort they've done is come up with stupid boring conversation between all the characters. Sigh.


A remastered hentai strategy RPG for the PSP which is more like a visual novel with some easy strategy elements. Actually, it feels very much like listening to a radio play with minimal visuals. Most surprisingly, the story is pretty good and the characters very memorable. It made me really excited for the sequel coming out soon.

Until the science fiction twist that killed the story for me. It works for stuff like Grandia 2 cause the twist was awesome but in Utawarerumono it feels like a twist for the sake of a twist. I enjoyed the warring kingdoms and Hakuoro having to make difficult decisions.

I was so hyped and was going to preorder the collector's edition of Itsuwari no Kamen until the twist. I'll probably get Itsuwari no Kamen just for the characters from the first game.


dgundam said...

that was dumb how they criticized the company president. its just more japanese touchy feely bs about resturcturing. meh.
hopefully theres less of that in the later episodes but i doubt it since its not a wowow drama. i just cant get over toda erikas hairstyle. she looks different.

ive only played 1 fire emblem in the gba. i have yet to try the 3ds ones. i just hope the harem is not too ridiculous. getting too old for that crap now.

what does kikitaisaku mean anyway?

Jung said...

oh no... this is terrible news... guess I'll be passing on this. Try my luck with Shi no Zouki. :-/

Akiramike said...

dgundam: kiki taisaku means crisis counter measures which is the name of their department.

Fire Emblem is more like free for all harem since you can pair whichever characters you want. I'd like to think that even if I were younger, I would still hate this shit.