Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yokokuhan The Pain Eps 1-3

Mizutani is riding a train and we see a bunch off schoolgirls looking at him weirdly.

One of the girls grabs his arm and accuses Mizutani of being a chikan. Lesson of the day, use both hands to hold the handle when near schoolgirls in packed trains.

Mizutani pleads not guilty, he gets held for 3 months before the matter proceeds to court and prosecution says they found a chikan material in his room. This is so stupid. Which guy doesn't have chikan material in their room? I'm pretty sure everyone has a few in their room, right? Right?

Mizutani is in deep trouble. The girl has been 'chikaned' before and the two guys ended up settling the matter aka paying her off(jidan). So basically police are complicit in a blackmail system where schoolgirls can make pocket money from poor Japanese salarymen without giving anything in return.

Mizutani's search leads him to a lawyer who brings him to a falsely accused chikan meeting and there he meets Sakuma...

who happens to be Shinbunshi who runs trials on the net and the viewers vote whether the person is innocent or guilty.

Yokokuhan is kind of interesting but there are a few problems with the premise:

1) Because its a 20 minute online trial, there is no time for twists and turns. Basically Shinbunshi knows everything and is never in trouble.

2) I know the judiciary in Yokokuhan is corrupt for the Shinbunshi online trial is so easily abusable. I can see how Shinbunshi can portray an innocent person as guilty.

3) Toda Erika is the only cop who is allowed to be smart.

Did I mention Erika-sama the second looks as malnurished as Mano Erina is now? They should be kidnapped and forced to eat something for their own good. They are like walking skin and bones.

The interesting thing about Yokokuhan is the identity of the members and their end game. Clearly its to build up viewership and go for the big fish. Whether or not its going to be exciting remains to be seen.

Eh dorama for me, which is just a step above meh.Unless episode 4 super sucks, I'm probably going to watch it until the end.


dgundam said...

hmm toda erika, kiritani kenta and the guy from kuitan? gonna watch it. hopefully someone subs it

Akiramike said...

According to the jdrama fansub map, someone is going to sub it.