Monday, June 01, 2015

Toho Nanahun

Tanaka Rena used to be on my decent actress list and then she started doing a string of horrible jdramas starting with Ryokiteki na Kanojo so its nice to finally see her in something with a decent script. Toho Nanahun is a melancholic, laid back show about a jobless woman who does not know what to do with her life and is still stalking her ex-boyfriend.

Her sister is her only support in the world, and along the way she meets her next door neighbour and her stalker. Tanaka Rena's character is afraid to do anything and just stares into space hoping that the answer to her life will fall on her lap.

If I have to sum it up, I would say Toho Nanahun in a show about loneliness and isolation of people who don't know what they want. I enjoyed it despite being slow but it wasn't that memorable though. You can find the show here

Why hasn't anyone uploaded Panic In? None of the current shows interest me. Is this because we had the excellent Yami no Bansosha that everything else must be crap? What's the least bad jdorama showing now?


Sonna~ said...

What's the least bad jdorama showing now?

I thought you'd know! I'm watching more anime at the moment -- Ore Monogatari!! And OreGairu season 2. Going through Ryu ga gotoku 5 very slowly with Mr Sonna with my crappy Japanese and a walkthrough.

Cyberwave said...

I would recommend Rokuyon and Lunch no Akko-chan. NHK FTW. Dr. Rintaro & Tenno no Ryoriban are okay so far. Save some good dramas for summer because next season will be terrible. :(

Bobo said...

I'm enjoying Fuben na Benriya and Neko Zamurai S2 (tho I know you don't like that one). This season is slim pickings. Hope Yami no Bansosha gets translated.