Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yume O Ataeru

Do you need a bigger reason to watch than Kaho on girl action? End of review.

Ok, maybe I should say something more. Yume O Ateru is about Komatsu Nana's character, Yuko who grows up as a child star and the effect it has on her mother Kikuchi Rinko and her easy going French father. Odagiri Joe is the advertising guy who chooses her. Talk about WOWOW and acting talent.

In the beginning, we see that a sex video of Yuko has been leaked out and while we are pondering how that happened, the story starts from when she was chosen to appear in a CM and the various people who used and pushed her up the entertainment world.

Unfortunately, Komatsu Nana is just not that good. Kaho, meanwhile is superb. Maybe the casting people thought Kaho just doesn't have that dark, depressing look but anyone who's seen her in the superb Hitori Shizuka knows she can do it.

Kaho steals the freaking show as Yuko's one and only friend in the business. Too bad her role is minor. I really liked the first two episodes and was ready to declare it watchable but the third and fourth were kind of meh.

I didn't really care about Yuko. The characters surrounding her like her mother and Kaho were much more interesting so the speech at the end didn't work for me.

Watachable show about being in the entertainment industry and the pressures of living in that bubble with standout performance from Kaho.

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