Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boku No Tsuma To Kekkon Shite Kudasai Eps 3-6

Gah, Yoshikazu Okada should have finished off at episode 5 before it turned into crying porn in the final episode. I have nothing against crying or porn but episodes 1-5 had the right mix of humour and sadness for a cancer dorama. Plus, Yoshikazu Okada had the perfect gag to end episode 5.

Yeah, he had to tie up loose ends and I liked Shuji's line to his boss in episode 6 but it just went on for too long and just dragged. I guess they had their target audience to think of. Boku no Tsuma to Kekkon Shite Kudasai is still pretty. I won't call it must watch but here are my 5 reason to watch it:

1) As I mentioned a few times already, its pretty funny. Cancer dorama and humour is not something you find often.

2) Kimura Tae's best work I've seen.

3) They got the director of the Byakuyakou movie to direct and it looks pretty good.

4) If you've got Koizumi Kotaro and Sakai Wakana doing your minor supporting role, its definitely going to be good.

5) Its a story about the value of laughter. Shuji grew up fatherless and alone and it was laughter that variety shows brought him that sustained him through the tough times and its how he deals with pain.

The original work was a novel and was done as a stage play last year. It certainly explains why a lot of scenes have that stage look and the jokes. I would love to have seen the stage version. Speaking of stage shows, someone needs to turn Better Half in a dorama special. Highly recommended. Probably as good as cancer doramas are going to get.



If you don't know who she is, just watch this.

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