Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mousou Kanojo Eps 1+2

Keisuke has been making money by blogging about his fake girlfriend Haru when one day, Haru appears in front of him. She is exactly as Keisuke describes her in his blog.

Keisuke finds out that having his dreams turn into reality is not really what he wants and whatever Haru is, is trying to find out more about the world including hanging out with Keisuke's publisher. In the end of episode, Keisuke sets Haru free and she becomes the opposite of ideal.

I really hate the main character and the first two episodes have not been funny nor interesting. Kinami Haruka is Keisuke's comrade living in the imaginary world but she hasn't done anything much. Mousou Kanoko could still turn out to be an interesting show on fantasy vs reality but it hasn't given me any signs it might. Avoid.


popoy said...

undeniable resemblance to the movie Ruby Sparks 2012.

Akiramike said...

Ruby Sparks sounds a lot better.