Thursday, May 28, 2015


Kuroki Hitomi plays a professor in Scapegoat who is invited by the leader of the Meisei party to lead a study group and to make her minister in charge of the Financial Services Agency. Kuroki Hitomi dislikes her deceased father who was a politician but this chance is too good to pass up.

Scapegoat is an underdog political dorama with a feminist bent. The main problem for me is that its way too short. A lot of things are easily solved and Scapegoat does not get insolved concerned with the nitty gritty of politics. However, it is clear that the target audience is less towards people who are interested in political machinations and more people who want an uplifting story about a strong female character in politics.

I really don't like Sasaki Nozomi's role as the daughter who acts like a spoiled brat but isn't really just to give Kuroki Hitomi a family problem storyline which is solved with a pink bow tie. There is also Yamaguchi Sayaka who plays this capable journalist but many times oversteps her boundaries in helping Kuroki Hitomi. She talks about how hard she had it and how much she had to work but she so easily went from impartial observer to Kuroki Hitomi's secretary.

Besides that, it was still fun to watch this story about an underdog and we don't get many political jdoramas. OK watch for me with multiple flaws. A lot of difficult jargon in Scapegoat but the story is pretty straightforward so you don't need to understand everything unlike Yami no Bansosha.

Anyone know where to find Panic In? I can't seem to find it in all the usual places.

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