Monday, May 25, 2015

Japanese games I not/maybe/will buy



I wasn't going to get this anyway since the Shining games have all been subpar and Sega has gone action RPG AI teammates instead of the Valkyria gameplay. Was looking through the Amazon JP reviews and saw something I couldn't believe: you have to pay 100 yen to retry a boss fight after you die!

WTF! Apparently save points are a ways away from bosses and I'm very sure its not the Bloodborne open a shortcut and just run two minutes to a boss. Not to mention it has a total of 8000 yen of DLC. Idolmaster anyone? Shining games have all been crap since Camelot left the series.


I don't know why games news sites were surprised that the sales for Second were lower than Default. Why wasn't much attention given to how stupid the second half and the characters in Bravely Default were?

I played the demo, I like how they solved spamming bravely by introducing chain battles and getting rewards the longer you chain. Because its a game where anyone can be any class, they just rerused all the assets and they all look the same to me.

The Madoka writer is no longer writing but reviews indicate the story is even worse with no urgency. Sad news for old school RPGs but there were too many things in the first game I didn't like. The 3 characters in the demo were supposed to be musketeers but they can change into any character class.


I got so excited when I saw the first trailer with the 2D animations of the characters standing. Then the last trailer came out and turns out there's no attack animations like any low budget first person dungeon crawler.  


I never played the first game and I'm not a fan of single player MMOs cause those games usually feel like doing many randomly generated side quests. There's a Japanese world for these type of games, sagyou game 作業ゲーム. Kill monsters, get upgrades, rinse and repeat. Plus the reviews seem to indicate that the story is not as good as the previous game.

A 4 star review on Amazon JP says:


I can't deny that the main story feels like an omake (bonus) when considering the contents of the quests. 


Compared to the previous game, the climax is not as exiting.

Not a fan of grinding for the sake of grinding so I'm staying away. Thought about getting the previous game, Xenoblade but that would require getting a wiimote and bar. Why can't bloody Nintendo emulate it on the Wii U controller or something?


Charging full price for the same fucking (enchanced) game with redone videos. WTF Sega?



Langrisser is alive! I'm so excited, except....

the soldiers look like bowling balls carrying toothpicks? Since its obvious Masaya doesn't have the budget, just go back to old 2D sprites. I don't care if it looks like a SFC game. If the troops still look like that, I'm not getting this. I understand super deformed but the size of the heads is outrageous.

Its only two more months from release and there are no further pictures of the troops which gives me some hope they are fixing them up. The only thing we've got is artwork and old school Langrisser music on the official website. If it doesn't work out, I've still got the old Langrisser games on my Vita to go through anyway.



Imageepoch's final game. I know its a harem RPG but I downloaded the demo and its decent ie doesn't feel like a undercooked RPG like the Shining and Furyu games. Any decent strategy RPG is a must buy for me. Plus I didn't mind the SD characters so much. Hopefully it won't be obvious they ran out of money halfway through the game.


Already got this preordered. Awakening was ok but its got a decent budget and its an old school strategy RPG. Please be very good. Hate Nintendo charging extra for splitting the game into two. I'm pretty sure both games use a lot of similar assets but grid based RPGs are niche genre, although the previous game sold nearly 2 million copies.
Please be good so we can have more grid strategy RPGs!


4545 said...

Langrisser doesn't feel quite the same without Urushihara Satoshi doing its character design. Well, not that I have a 3DS to check it out. But good to know the franchise is still being continued.

Shane said...

Actually you can play Xenoblade chronicles using a Wii classic controller which is pretty cheap. That's what I did. Seriously one of the best games I've ever played with an EPIC story. You really must not miss it. There's even a 3DS version now if that suits you better!

dgundam said...

for bravely default its because the general jprgs population was starved for an old school final fantasy type jrpg like the psone eras, and have been disappointed with all the next gen ones. that when bravely default came out they were glad to have some semblance of it even though it has its faults.
bravely default was ok, not good. the story wasnt great and fhgting the bosses again and again was bad. even i wasnt hyped to get the sequel.
me and a number of jrpg fans i know miss the final fantasies of past ie 4-9. we want the same type of game with a different story. so i hate it when game reviewers would bash those type of gameplay as stal. and who always clamor for 'innovation' which pressures companies like squenix to make garbe games like ff13.

dgundam said...

oh i forgot to add, screw konami for deciding to go the cheap revenue route and going mobile and giving up on real games.

QQ there was no suikoden in the ps3 generation and there wont ever be one in the ps4 :/

i love the suikoden series. one of my favorite jrpgs.
damn konami.

Akiramike said...

Shane: don't you still need the mote and bar to start it in Wii mode or something?

dgundam: Yeah, I hate when reviewers bash a game for being linear or being turn based. The only thing close to old school FF recently is the Kiseki series which is so anime cliched and the low budget Extetra.