Monday, May 11, 2015

Kokoro ga Pokitto ne Eps 1-3

Kokoro ga Pokitto ne is a quadrangle love story that's pretty boring. We have a divorced couple played by Abe Sadao and Yamaguchi Tomoko. Abe Sadao is a former salaryman who broke down and got divorced and is now working at a furniture repair shop run by Fujiki Naohito who is always happy go lucky and is never worried.

Yamaguchi Tomoko changed her name and is forever obsessed with her blog and is dating the furniture boss. The fourth character is a tall, young woman who views furniture boss as her god and gets to fixated over anyone she falls in love with.

The theme is this show is that everyone has mental problems. Abe Sadao doesn't like people anymore but its more he is surrounded by super annoying people. Furniture boss's naivety is has not been utilised yet Yamaguchi Tomoko's character seems super shallow doing things for her blog. I'm guilty of it as well but she takes it to the extreme. She's just annoyingly boring.  The fourth character, I don't give a crap about. I just think she is miscast.

I really wanted to quit after episode 2 and gave Okada Yoshikazu one more episode but its just not funny nor are the characters interesting. The concept is but the execution is lacking. Really boring for me. Maybe it'll finally get going somewhere in the middle but its too late for me. Avoid.


dgundam said...

lol @ kikuhara. the *model* turned *actress*
i never liked her acting shes not good and was just meh at shitsuren chocolatier.
sux how shes playing mikasa in the titan movie.

i basically stay away from any dramas starring kikuhara since a production company willing to hire her as one of the leads dont care about the quality of the drama lol

Akiramike said...

Whose dick did Mizuhara Kiko suck to get cast as Mikasa or is her agency that powerful?

dgundam said...

dont know who, but shes like those overpushed *actresses* like gouriki and takei (im sure youve noticed but for the past few years theyve been in dramas every year every season as leads) who are in tons of dramas each season not because their good actresses, but because their production companies are not only powerful (good at producing manufactured star popularity) but are cheap to hire those girls. networks hire them probably as a cost saving measure since their cheaper than regular/real actors.

Sonna~ said...

I wanted to like this because of Okada Yoshikazu but I couldn't. I only watched one episode. I'm shorter on time these days though and a bit more picky about my dramas/anime.

Akiramike said...

dgundam: I've never heard the cheap reason before. You saying Kaho is more expensive to hire than Gouriki or Takei?

Sonna~, you are much smarter than me. I've still got this belief that some shows can turn around quickly but I can't recall any recent shows that got better after a bad first episode or two.

Anonymous said...

I almost made it to the end of episode 4 but had to drop this show.
It has all the elements which made dramas such as Nodame Cantabile or shows with Nagase Tomoya so great but here everything feels just inappropriate, stupid and is not even slightly funny. I also could not bring myself to like any character in it. It just feels dumb to watch it.
If someone has to say anything good about this show please tell me what.
I really hope this kind of comedy is not getting popular.