Saturday, May 02, 2015

What spring 2015 jdoramas should be subbed?


Furuta Arata in some WOWOW mystery dorama about manga? Yes please.


A professor is appointed a cabinet minister and judging from the title is going to be made a scapegoat.


I will watch Abe Sadao in anything and the writer is Okada Yoshikazu.


This could be so bad its fun. The Tenga guy from Minn! Esper Dayo! keeps getting into dangerous situations and there is a bijin every episode. :)


Toda Erika!!!!! Plot makes no sense to me but its WOWOW.

I'm still catching up on last season's stuff and Bloodborne is basically taking up all my time. That game makes me want to throw my controller yet I can't stop playing. Pics stolen from


Antspace said...

My favorite at the moment is Dr. Rintaro. The first three eps have been very exciting! Solid story and direction. Great cast. Aoi Yu once again proves her great talent. She and Sakai Masato have some severe chemistry going.

Neko Zamurai is going strong as well in it's second season.

My hope in the WOWOW world is on Yami no Bansosha and Yokokuhan as well, but also on Yume wo Ataeru. That one could go anywhere. I'm worried about Komatsu Nana and Sonny Chiba's son in the lead, but the rest of the cast seems solid. Much depends on the director of Josee, the Tiger and the Fish, Inudo Isshin.

Anonymous said...

Yami no Bansosha is really good, looking forward to watch the finale! Also loving Rokuyon 64, a high quality NHK dorama. Watched ep 3 yesterday, and it's getting better and better. You might like it.

Spence S said...

Nice blog, I'll be keeping an eye on this

Akiramike said...

Looks like Yami no Bansosha is my next show!

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
"Panic In" - thank you, Mike-san. I completely missed this, and it looks right up my alley. Toy helicopters! Orange fireballs! The leaning Skytree of Tokyo! Balding guy in his undershirt saving the world, one disembodied arm at a time! Sign me up.
I'm kind of selfishly hoping there aren't too many must-watch doramas this season, because I am so far behind in my viewing. And thanks to the fine folks contributing here, I will never catch up.
Now I will humbly suggest:
"Replay and Destroy". Yamada Takayuki can act, the subject is good, and looks like there's a side helping of surrealism to help the serious stuff along. Besides, the poor dude's last season dorama (directed by Yamashita Nobohiru!) got totally overlooked.
Also, "Nemureru Shinju". Will this mean back-to-back trash after "Second Love"? Trash lovers like myself can only hope. Plus, Iura Arata is in it.

Anonymous said...

Yokokuhan is a follow-up, I believe, of the movie with the same name, which comes out the day before the drama starts. The movie is based on a manga (still the same name), which is pretty good. Ikuta Toma plays the main antagonist to Toda Erika's detective role in the movie.

But I second your pick - please let it be subbed!