Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yami no Bansosha Ep 5

"Saving someone is not always justice and killing someone is not always evil"

By the jdorama gods, WOWOW has done it again and created another must watch show. The level of Japanese required is a bit higher than usual and I had to watch the last episode 5 twice before I understood the story. Thanks to anonymous in my post for eps 1-4 for clearing some of my misunderstandings with the plot. If you've got basic Japanese down, I absolutely recommend watching Yami no Bansosha slowly with a dictionary cause its that damn good.

So, its going to be spoilers from here on out. Someone needs to sub Yami no Bansosha. WOWOW has been bringing in a great age of smart Japanese doramas these last few years. Its too sad that the jdorama watching people would rather idoru doramas.


So Mangaka's art was once praised by this girl. Unfortunately, this girl was gang raped and Mangaka saw it. They committed carbon monoxide suicide by charcoal burning but Mangaka survived. Mangaka grows up and starts on a killing similar looking girls by the same method and sketching them while they die to capture that moment.

Shonen befriends Mangaka in the park on day and witnesses Mangaka's crime. Shonen's mom is involved with a dodgy religious cult and dies suspiciously. Mangaka avenges Shonen's death by killing the cult leader. Mangaka helps him not to redeem himself but because Shonen praised his manga.

Shonen is sent to Nagoya to live with his mom's relatives but is abused by the grandfather. Mangaka ends up killing the grandfather, probably at a snack and goes to prison for 6 years for Shonen.

Yami no Bansosha is the story about a very bad person who does some arguably good things for a kid who faced much difficulty in life and who both share a love for manga. Did Mangaka actually save Shonen or did he doom his life by exacting revenge on his behalf? Or did Shonen actually save Mangaka with his friendship? Holy shit! This dorama is deep.

Goddamn, I need to rewatch Yami no Bansosha. There's probably little details that I've missed. I can believe WOWOW topped Kageri Yuki Natsu. Absolutely must watch show.


Jung said...

Wow... thanks for this gem Mike.

Just finished ep 1.

You know, there was one scene I burst out laughing, and it wasn't because Arata Furuta.

It was during the reveal when the camera panned into the hermit assistant artist face to reveal the actor as none other than our resident pedophile, murderer and stalker, Hirata Mitsuru. Poor bastard sometimes catches break playing mild mannered father, but pedobear is his sweet spot.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I didn't even read past the title of your review (because spoiler), but I am dl'ing this baby right now. Furuta Arata is reason enough to watch, but I was procrastinating until you put things so plainly.
Thanks as always, Mike-san.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega again:
I just checked the D-A Fansub Map, and there's no subbers for this dorama. I am so screwed because I have terrible listening comprehension and I am totally dependent on Japanese subs (and a dictionary). Meh... but still DLing.

Anonymous said...

Glad my comment in the other post was of some help.

It's such a deep, subtle and unique dorama. Much better than Kageri Yuku Natsu, imho.

For those who can read Japanese, you may find recaps here:

Jung said...

Ok just wrapped up the series, thanks Mike for making me make better use of my time this weekend.

"Unfortunately, this girl was gang raped and Mangaka saw it"

The girl wasn't raped. Initially Mangaka thought he was raped, but then he realized that her screaming turned out to be sound of her climaxing At that moment, his fear of her impending death was replaced with feeling of ecstatic-relief, and also disgust towards her behavior.

This angered him enough to attempt to kill her through carbon monoxide poisoning while taking his life, but he also wanted to witness her die. Unfortunately, she died, and he missed the moment of her death.

These two events was the beginning of his deranged sexual fantasy.

I think this was a solid dorama, but little too much talking for my taste. Still waiting for Lady Joker 2. lol

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Major thanks for the link, anonymous!

Akiramike said...

Anon: Thanks for the recap link!

Jung, thanks for clearing that up. Lady Joker 2 will never live up to the first.

fluflu jean said...

Earthcolor is taking this drama. Thanx to her. I'll watch anything with Furuta Arata... :p

Agree to the WOWOW dramas, the subbing community is falling appart and the number of good dramas being subbed is dramatically reducing. Or are we getting old?

Akiramike said...

I don't think there has ever been a point where WOWOW doramas were continuously being subbed.

Kamila Dalmate said...

HI I wanted to know if anyone knows the name of the Mangaka in the flashbacks, not the child but late 20s guy.

Akiramike said...

The name of the Mangaka is Kaihara Akihiko.