Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Arslan senki Eps 1-7

Arslan is based on the novels written by Tanaka Yoshiki, the same writer that the classic anime Legend of Galactic Heroes is based on. Speaking of LoGH, where is that remake that was announced last year? No matter, one cannot improve on perfection anyway. There was an Arslan OVA many, many years ago and I sort of remember bits and pieces of it while watching the anime.

While LoGH was about monarchy vs democracy, Arslan is about a religiously fanatical country vs a country built on slavery. Like LoGH, many characters are introduced and there are plenty of good and bad people on both sides. Its not as balanced as LoGH since most of our main characters are from Pars and the story is about how Arslan the prince of a defeated nation becomes King but not everyone from Lustania is a bad person either.

Art-wise, Arslan is very inconsistent and like so many anime, just seems to get worse by the episode. My main concern is that Arslan keeps going until the end. Guin Saga only lasted one season. I've previously said that an anime as great as LoGH would not have been made in today's anime climate and I fear for Arslan's survival.

A smart anime about politics, death in a world of no easy answers would not be able to attract viewers unless Arslan was the lone male in the series and there was a hot spring and going to the beach episode.

While I can't call it a must watch cause I'm waiting for the story to continue past the OVA and really get going. The story is still in the setting up characters mode. I'm not looking forward to the anguish when Arslan will most likely not be renewed for season 2 just like Guin Saga.

Speaking of heartbreaking half done fantasy anime series, where is the fourth Berserk movie?  (and the latest Berserk chapter) Kentaro Miura can't possibly still be playing Idolmaster, can he?


Shane said...

If you are on the hunt for a must watch recent anime, have you seen Parasite? Its Bloody good (no pun intended).

Akiramike said...

I actually watch Parasite some time ago but never got around to writing about it.

4545 said...

I started watching this but what is up with all the badly-done scenes man. Imma keep following this but it would be better had it not been for that.

Akiramike said...

4545, Just saw ep 8 and the art is indeed getting worse and worse.