Saturday, May 23, 2015

Five things I learned from Love Riron Eps 1-3

1. If you have beautiful girls around you, it will increase your appeal and pick up success rate. Duh.....

2. If an ugly guy (busaiku) has pretty boy (ikemen) friends, things might start start to blend in the girl might find the guy not so busaiku.... or go with one of the ikemen. Why would someone go to a kyabakura to nanpa in the first place?

3. Monday low tide shell gathering theory! Women who go out on Monday morning or usually nurses or beauticians who just finished their shift.

4. Apparently eromen AV aka adult videos aimed at women are getting popular. That's the eromen actor giving a kyabajou 2 fingers.

5. To avoid police raids at love hotels, highway prostitution is available in Japan aka sex in van.

The 2 part Love Riron dorama special was quite funny.

This dorama serious is not, especially the theories.

The main character is also more annoying than Densha.

Do not watch. Watch the special instead.


=) said...

Have you watched Fuben na Benriya? I'd like to hear your thought about that drama, I really enjoyed it though it's plotless =)

Akiramike said...

Nope. Is it funny? Not many jdoramas that interest me this season.