Friday, May 08, 2015

Yami No Bansosha Eps 1-4

Leave it to WOWOW to create exciting jdorama thrillers. Yami No Bansosha is a story about previously unpublished work of a mangaka turns up one day but the short manga shows the murder of a woman 35 years ago. Matsushita Nao is an ex-policewoman who is tasked with investigating the unpublished manga and the disappearances while Furuta Arata is the manga editor who helps her with the case.

First two episodes were really exciting. I love how the manga is used to provide clues to murder. The one thing I didn't like that prevents me from rating it a must watch is Kaname telling an unconscious woman his sob story in episode 3.

There was no need to spell it out and small flashbacks should have been enough for the audience to piece things together. Plus, his overacting is a bit too much. Its like the director saying, "OK, now sneer and look as evil as possible."

Fourth episode is decent and there are a lot of questions left unanswered. I love the pairing of Matsushita Nao and Furuta Arata. Their chemistry is great and I enjoyed Furuta Arata's portrayal of the slightly eccentric and grumpy editor.

Fujii Mina! :)

So far so good. The preview for the final episode looks very exciting. I can't wait. Not must watch but worth watching.


Anonymous said...

The kid's 'confession'? What are you talking about?

Akiramike said...

Kaname Jun telling his sob story to an unconscious Fujii Mina.

Anonymous said...

Uhm... he's not the kid from the manga, though.

Akiramike said...


Rewatches ep 3.

Ah. He's just a random guy with abusive backstory.

So the only thing we know about the kid is that his mom is friends or something with the cult woman?

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's all we know about him. Kaname's backstory is not really a sob story but a way of telling the audience about his obsession and the reason he wanted to find the mangaka, I guess. Anyway, the kid might be the real protagonist of the manga... well, we'll find out soon enough.