Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loot from Japan.... so far

This has buy me now written all over it.

After all the kyabakuras, snakus, yakitoris and arcades, going to Japan is all about loot. Sure you can get a lot of stuff of ebay but there`s nothing like the happiness when you find something awesome.

Shining Wind/Tears artbook. Hate the games and anime but love the figures.

Hatsune Miku! This is going to look so awesome in my room.

Happi coat.

Yui figure. Was tempted to get the good one with the guitar but I didn`t like the fact that she stood on one leg so it`ll fall down after a while.

Hellcar`s Nagato Yuki which changes colour according to temperature. We haven`t tested it out yet.

One happy man and his loot. I see a potential figure collecter here.

Sugaya Risako plus Mano Erina = must buy!

The cheapest shirt I`ve bought at 1000 yen. Most shirts were around 3000 yen.

GitS shirt. There was a tachikoma shirt but they were just too expensive. Kinda dissappointed that there weren`t any Street Fighter shirts.

Yui shirt. Rei bought a Mio shirt so we`re can hang out in Melbourne Chinatown with matching shirts.

K-on pillow cover cause I haven`t changed my pillow covers in years.

Other side of the cover.

Mano Erina poster which I got ...

.... from this manga.

Manaka shirt which I will wear for basketball and my defender will be too busy staring at the her.

Bought this in Fukuoka while waiting for the Shinkansen.

SSF4 technical guide book which I finally found at Shosen book tower Akiba after looking for it for two weeks all over.

PSP with Idolmaster and Project Idol.


Crowd for show in front of AKB theater. I need to find out how to get me into one of their shows.

Price listing from Aroma Relaxation Centre in Akiba.


Did a test packing tonight. The heavy stuff is mostly the art/photobooks. No more space for figures. :( Might buy a few more photobooks tomorrow. Had to give up on the 220 00 yen Saber Lily and 300 00 Guts and Zodd figure. Been spending money like crazy this past few days. There`s just too much to buy in Akiba.

The second EVA movie came out 3 days ago and every freaking store in Akiba keeps playing the theme song over and over and over again. Will need to download when I get back so I can pretend I`m in Akiba.

In Tokyo, people stand on the left when going up escalators and the right is for people walking up. In Osaka its the reverse just to be different and its on the left in Fukuoka.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... could not stop smiling at some happy overgrown kids showing off their loot.

It is true afterall. Sure, there is a kid in everyone of us.

Aarrrr said...

Oiii got buy me my Mugi t shirt?!?!? get me another copy of akb also =D

Jung said...

220,000 yen.. as in.. $2200 bucks?!?! I really need to see this to believe. I hope you meant 22,000 yen...

seng said...

omg, warai otoko (laughing man) shirt looks cool...and the akb fashion book...*droolz*

Aarrrr said...

Please dont use that shirt on me when playing ball

Cyrus said...

enjoy ur blog, i was wondering, do you watch korean stuff as well?

or only japanese?

Akiramike said...

No Mugi only t-shirt available.

Thanks for the correction Jung.

Cyrus, I watch no rom com Korean movies but stay very far away from the dramas.

RetroKingSimon said...

All of that looks awesome! I love Japanese stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Wakuwaku mail is a dating/sex/marriage site. Lol.
(Who would wanna plan a marriage based on a web meeting?)