Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Days 9 and 10: Fukuoka

Trying to make an informed decision in Nakasu, the red light district of Fukuoka.

You can never go wrong with yakiniku. I believe the place was called 88 meat.

Better than magic mushrooms?

Rubbish in Japan has to be sorted. Finding a general rubbish bin is hard.

In case you can read the shirt, it says `shit happens hysteric`.

We actually got to play the baseball thing for an hour. Its much harder in real life than in Ryuga gotoku.

I`m already getting hungry looking at this.

With Sandy and Rei at this cool ramen place where all the seats are separated and you can`t see the servers. Apparently its because it used to be a yakuza eating place.

I want to work for a magazine/website reviewing kyabakuras when I grow up.

Fukuoka at night.

Hellcar actually won something from a UFO catcher. Too bad it wasn`t a love plus pillow.

Self explanatory photo.

Free information magazine and booklet in Nakasu.

Random notes:
- Fukuoka is full of lovely girls.
- one OL was cycling towards me and I was trying so hard not to be obvious.
- we unfortunately did not patronise any snakus/kyabakuras in Fukuoka as Sandy wasn`t really familiar with the nightlife there.
- hopefully going to maid cafe on Saturday with Iino. Can`t promise pictures since you have to pay for them. Not sure about taking pictures with maids handing out pamphlets though.
- Never arrive back in Tokyo by shinkansen with two bags during rush hour unless you want to know what being in a human grinder feels like.
- Always ask for an English menu.
- Fukuoka CBD is more than twice the size of Melbourne`s yet half as packed. As Sandy said, it seems like an awesome city to live in.
- Thanks to Sandy for showing us around Fukuoka.
- I still can`t find the SSF4 technical guide and now that I`ve decided to get a PSP for Hatsune Miku, I can`t even find the freaking game!!!!!!! PSPs in Japan are fucking cheap though.
- If you are an old school momusu fan like me, book-off in Akiba is heaven. Lots of old photobooks for only 500 yen each!


Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Been following your very
interesting travels in
Have a great time!

Ginkojyuin said...

blog hopped and found your blog... i blame untouchables but bloody hell... JAPAN!!!!!! why don't u just get a psp and erm, crack it? to play miku? it's the only other way i can think of.

also also, it's spring entering summer, no? would u be staying there till comiket? o.o!!!! XD

erm, also I'm a foreign student in Melbourne... so hello! ^^

Wewi said...

They should have a rubbish bin labeled gaijin/tourists as a general rubbish bin..

Fukuoka at night looks damn nice. Looks like a fun place too where you don't have to go a million kms away to find entertainment or 'entertainment' haha.

Don't forget to get Ryoko or Reon's number for me please :D

Anonymous said...

Rei: Wewi Sony NEX camera mid June only
I won a yufo catcha today in Fukuoka. 100 Yen 3 ice cream puff.

Alex Mitchell-Dawson said...

Mike by the time you buy a psp they'll probably have announced psp2 :P.

Wah, food looks so yummy, how much on average does it cost for a decent meal?.

Also is it true they have vending machines with underwear inside in Japan? o_O.(no I'm not asking for some)

You're gonna totally suffer from cute girl withdrawl when you get back to Melbourne, so better soak it all in while you can :P.

Akiramike said...

6Ginkojyuin, the reason I don`t want to mod the PSP is because of this:

I`d love to stay for comicket but I have to be back to boring Melb on Sunday. :(

Will, Reon said she doesn`t mind married men but not married men with kids.

Rei, make sure come back before 7pm peak hour. You don`t want to be human sardine.

Alex, I`m waiting for PSP2 announcement. Managed to find Project Diva in Shibuya. Still no luck with SSF4 guide. Meals can be cheap. 500 yen can get you decent gyudon or ramen. Come together to Japan next year lar.

Aarrrr said...

Go ask iino where to buy lah, and also your internode got probs after day 1, cant seem to connect to the internet.

Rei said...

Peak hour wouldnt be so bad if I wear a wig and go in the ladies car

Rei said...

Mike whats ur room number? I cant find my frikin phone charger again.
Mine 4F-20. Password for 4f is CBA456

Druggy said...

Don't forget your gravure yah! You are in the land where gravure is born.... bonus points if you get a signatured album or photoshoot.