Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 7: Den Den Town and day 2 with biyoshi

Awesome tsukemen. Just dip the ramen into the sauce. 

Woke up to sounds from primary school next door eightish. 11.30 we have tsukemen at the place that the hairdresser recommended. The sauce which was separate was freaking awesome. Think of it as similar to zaru soba but instead of soba, you have udon and the sauce has couple pieces of delicious stewed pork. Excellent brunch though not very filling. Good thing we went there as it opened because a long queue was starting to form.

Nice view from top of J-Hoppers.

Had a bit of trouble trying to find Den Den Town/Nippombashi but we managed to stumble our way there. Its basically rows of shops along this long road with electronics, manga and lots of ero shops. There was even one with 5 levels of JAV. I bought a hatsune mike figure because I was afraid that I might not be able to find it in Akiba when I go back. Will post picture of it probably tomorrow.

Rei focusing intently on some educational material.

Den den town just doesn`t have the same vibe as Akiba. Its just a long road of specialty shops instead of a huge area that is completely different from norm. That said, the shops were really good. There was a shop with lots of figures, some old. Was deciding whether to buy this Kano Uncho chained up figure for 10000 yen but it was pretty big and I was sort of hesitent. Bringing figures back is going to be a problem because the boxes take up so much space but you need them in the boxes in order to protect them.

Chocolate flavoured soda. Its actually tastes suprisingly decent.

Found a shop with lots of old photobooks like Natsumi Abe ones. For an old school momusu fan like me, it was heaven. Didn`t have much time to browse since we had a hair appointment at 7. Tempted to go back tomorrow but hopefully will be able to find good photobookshop in Akiba. I just don`t feel like carrying too much luggage to Fukuoka and back to Osaka.

We had omurice, risotto? and nikudango for dinner.

Went to haircut with Hellcar and unfortunately my hair was cut a bit too short. Should have said trim instead of a 5cm cut. It was a pretty long cut at around 45 minutes. Usually I just lop of the end of my ponytail and shave my sideburns which takes around 15 minutes. I can still tie my hair but gell would be essential for the front. The sad thing was, she remembered Hellcar`s name but had to ask my name again. It was as if I had been hit by a super and ultra combo at once. I am powerless again gaijin power. I was the very definition of chopped liver.

Drink that Rei bought with Lightning from FFXIII on the can.

Not to mention that Hellcar was asked if he could model his haircut for the shop blog. Yes, I now have an amateur model for a friend. I won`t post the blog link to not reveal hairdresser`s identity here but the pictures should be up if not tomorrow, by monday. We asked her out for dinner and once again I was basically playing the interpreter friend. We started running out of simple topics to talk about and I could feel the limitations of my Japanese. A lot of times, I`m just doing a direct translation from English but it doesn`t really make sense in Japanese.

Why I deserve a job in Japan.

Hairdresser had to go back to study at 12ish. Hellcar and I split the bill and thanked her for a good time. Walked to the bar where we met her yesterday and Billy and Rei were there. Drank until 1ish, went back to hostel and now I`m typing the blog. With me and Rei going to kyabakura with bframe5 tomorrow night, I`m 99.9999999% certain that Hellcar will call biyoshi out tomorrow. Gaijin can easily get attention of Japanese girls but asian dudes like me have to resort to kyabakuras/snacks.


Anonymous said...

You are doing such a good job blogging about your trip that it makes it hard to keep ragging you for pantsu shots. You get pork cutlet in jail, right? That has got to be worth it.

More pictures of anything.

- FlyRogue

maiku said...

Being stuck in the translator slot sucks big time! Two guys, two girls, a long car ride, and me...the translating driver. Gokon from hell.

Alex Mitchell-Dawson said...

I hope when you're talking with Japanese girls you don't mention

A) That you're a huge Morning Musume fan.


B) That you are going to buy anime figures in Akihabara.

That kind of thing might fly in Densha Otoko but not in real life :P

Also having a friend who's popular with girls is not a bad thing, haven't you seen Entourage?. All you need to do is get the white guy to arrange for her to bring some friends. Yeah you're not white, but you have a powerful ally on your side....and its name is pity :P.

Also do not accuse me of being pedo, I'm pretty sure you were in love with Matsuura Aya before she was legal.

Wewi said...

OMG, smuggle me one of those choco soda drinks please.. PLEAASSEEE!!

Mike! It pains us to see you playing sidekick translator. Can't help imagining one of those dorama situations with the sudden confession or maybe love shuffle hehehe.

Please ask Rei to take pictures of 'useful' stuff. Pictures last longer. :P

Have you been to Godsgarden yet? Have a game with Kayo and Choco please for me. hehehe.

btw, the ADSL2 at your place is really fast! Enjoying not having to pause vids to watch hehe.

Wewi said...

Oh yeah.. how're you liking shoulder length HAHAHAHA.

skelter said...

Gonna put my KDO hat on and say it wasn't udon it was ramen :)

Anyway, can't wait for next post, need to know what I missed out on :) gogo HC


Akiramike said...

Alex, I was in love with Matsuura Aya before she was even born.

When I get back to Tokyo, I`m going to ride the Akiba-Asakusabashi train over and over till I find an old drunk harassing a young OL.

Will, stop wasting my limit by streaming porn.

Wewi said...

LOL sounds like a plan riding the train over and over. Make sure you have the time right.

Hahaha, I haven't done porn streaming yet, but that's an idea mwahahahaha!