Friday, May 14, 2010

Dosokai eps 1-3

Another housewife fantasy dorama with a slightly different twist on it. This time about about a 30 year middle school reunion which sets off a dramatic chain of events. Kuroki Hitomi is Tomomi, your picture perfect housewife with an unemployed husband who is forced to downsize the family home. At the reunion, she meets Kosuke (Katsunori Takahashi), her middle school crush who is now a married cop, Yoko a seemingly happily married housewife (aren't they all?) and Hiroshi a playboy magazine editor.

After the reunion, two of their former classmates didn't return home and ran off together. Tomomi and friends are concerned by this seemingly uncharacteristic behaviour but it gives her an excuse to continue to meet Kosuke. Tomomi and Kosuke maybe 45 but the had this middle school attraction to each other that never materialised into anything. 30 years later and they're still acting like middle school kids resuming their very awkward courtship.

Yes, Dosokai centered around a middle school romance dorama with characters who are married and in their fourties. Not to mention continuing all the middle school rivalries and stuff. We have all the hallmarks of the housewife fantasy genre such as suspicious spouses, snoopy kids and the audience wondering why the characters got married to their respective spouses in the first place? The main plotline is the four ex-classmates trying to search for the runaway couple but the true main story is of course uncovering the characters' secrets and watching the chaos when the affairs happen and are uncovered.

I hope we haven't seen the last of Mano Yuko in ep 3.

Gotta give props to the soundtrack which is pretty good and really amps up the excitement. There's this scene in ep 3 where Tomomi's husband is driving fast and then the camera switches to a first person driving view and some midi like videogame driving music appears. Absolutely brilliant!

Hate the irritating kid.

Dosokai is not the most original housewife fantasy show. Kuroki Hitomi and Katsunori Takahashi do their usual acting stuff but I submit that Dosokai is a pretty well made one and I had great fun watching the first three episodes. Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say "Hello" :)
This drama and "Mother" of this season on my to watch list, and some others I can't remember.
But still I have so many older ones to watch. :D

Anonymous said...

Just a head up, the first two episodes of Gaiji Keisatsu has been subbed by Withs2. You may want to check this.

Akiramike said...

Hhhm, terrorist dorama with Watabe Atsuro and Ishida Yuriko? Can`t be half as bad as Bloody Monday.

freeter farn said...

do you know the old english songs that are played throughout this drama especially on the last episode? i really love them all. i just finished watching the episodes. quite amusing to me. thank you...