Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to Tokyo: Days 11 and 12

Some seiyuu signing or something in Akiba. Anyone know who she is?

Where pedobear does his shopping in Harajuku.

View of streets about Shibuya station.

Picture of Hachiko outside the station. There was a cute chick who was sitting on the right of the picture but she quickly got up as I was about to press the button. Note to self, learn to suppress perving aura or stop looking like a sukebe.

Crowds in Shibuya. In front is Tsutaya where I found the Hatsune Miku game!

Another Shibuya shot.

AKB theater is actually on the 8th floor on top of Don Quixote which I only realised yesterday. Ryuga gotoku had lead me to believe that Don Quixotes play the song all the time. Or maybe its just the one in kabukicho.

Abe Hiroshi ad which I`m assuming is for a credit card.

Ramen that I had at the food court above Yodobashi Akiba.

No, I did not win the pillow from a UFO catcher. It cost only 1280 yen which is less than what I had spent trying to get it. I have to look up her name after I finish this post. I`m sure no one in Melbourne will answer my phone call after they`ve seen this.

Hellcar ashamed to even know me.

Hellcar playing with magnectic balls. He can mold them into any shape he wants and all he can think of are circles?????

Ramen place just outside the Electric town entrance at Akiba.

Hellcar`s ramen from the above place.

Random pic.

Alcohol price at Don Quixote.

Rei thrilled that he gets to squash his own `lemon` for his drink.

Tako-wasabi, absolutely delicious.

Street fighter inspired food. Yuck.

Random shot of Akiba.

Queues awaiting trains that arrive seemingly every 2 minutes.


Aarrrr said...

oi japan, give me back my brother!

Wewi said...

Omg, missed out on a cute chick by a dog fountain. I'll hafta teach you how to do ninja shots when you come back Mike lolol.

Why does their credit card advert's interest rates have 2 dots? in the middle and at the front?

Can you ta pao a ramen for me? :P
PS. chocolate sparkling soda drink too!

seng said...

Mike, you looking a tad too happy hugging that pillow man...

Akiramike said...

Aarr, you`re brother lives near Box Hill and is the master of Ume Shoryu.

Will, come together to Japan next year lar.

Seng, you just jealous of my Manaka.