Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm going to Japan!

In a few hours I will be leaving for Brisbane for a connecting flight to Japan. Yes, finally I shall take my first step on the land where 90% of my entertainment comes from. My first pilgrimage to the holy land. My only disappointment is that SSF4 is not out in the arcades yet. Talk about bad timing. There's supposed to be 5 of us going but one pulled out due to wanting to have more money to spend on his new daughter. Talk about getting your priorities wrong.

Nevertheless I look forward to fulfilling my dream of being addressed as goshujin-sama by cute Japanese maids. Besides that I expect to eat lots of great food and consume lots of suntory premium malt. I'm going to meet with two friends there, one of which is turtleAE86/bframe5 so its going to be fun talking jdoramas with someone who knows his stuff.

Not sure if I will have time to blog about it while there for two weeks. I'm not one for taking pictures and I'll probably be too drunk most nights.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean you are not going to blog about it every night? Don't make me come over there and slap you. I want photos too!

- Flyrogue

Anonymous said...

good luck and have fun! :)

maiku said...

Nice, have fun! Not sure what you're into (well, I sort of know :)), but spend some time outside of Tokyo if you can. Kyoto's amazing.

Akiramike said...

First night day in Tokyo, or rather Asakusabashi near Akiba. Walked past AKB theater which I will definitely visit tomorrow.

Its amazing how you can only smoke in designated areas now. We were smoking in alleys and freaking cops were cycling around in the middle of the night.

Going to meet up with a friend tomorrow and its going to be fun with his limited English and my broken Japanese.

I will be going to Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka but for now the amount of things to explore in Akiba is staggering.

sparqi said...

f*ckin' kisama!

Damn Im so jealous!!

Enjoy and make the most of it all for all of us akiramike!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I am so jealous of you Akiramike! Wish it is me there, not you! Hehe!

Well, anyway, have a great time. Don't get too carried away, and remember to come home.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I enjoy reading your blogs.

Keiko1981 said...

Really enjoy yourself and have fun! :)
Please post photos and how it is/was in Japan.