Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 8; Last Day in Osaka

Three idiots ready face the dangers of Osaka night life.

With Hellcar going back to Kyoto for more temple sightseeing and a scheduled date with biyoshi, Rei and I decided to do some walking around Osaka in the afternoon. Billy at this time had sadly, quietly slipped back on the shinkansen back to Tokyo and Australia. We went to the Sega Joypolis and the most shocking thing there was that there was no VF5R or even SF4 machines! WTF??? A Sega arcade without fighting games, not to mention one of the longest lasting and best remaining Sega franchises. I know the Sega Joypolis is aimed more at families but surely they could have spared one or two arcade cabinets for fighting games. The Namco Land/World nearby had VF5R but no SF4. I felt like I was in bizarro world.

I can assure you she looks better in real life.

Met bframe5 for the first time after a few years of blogging comments and msn chats. It was a relief to have a guide in Osaka though this was only his third time there. We initially wanted yakiniku cause it would be better if someone actually knew what we were ordering but we ended up going to a kushikatsu. Its one of those fried food on a stick with lots of dipping sauce places. Probably due to the fact that it was at like the 6th floor of a shopping centre. it was pretty expensive.

Nice shot by bframe5!

Next was a shochu bar. Nice looking girls but I was the only one who missed out on seeing the 3rd floor girl. We had our own nice tatami room and just drank sochu and some light food. Bframe5 said that kyabakuras should at least be the third place you visit because it cannot be enjoyed when sober.

I think all Japanese girls are experts at posing for the camera.

We were ready to go to Vivi, an OL themed kyabakura. Rei and I had actually passed it in the afternoon and its rather magnificent billboard caught our eye so we knew where to go. Unfortunately, the guy working the entrance of the 3rd floor kyabakura seemed overly concerned at the fact that we were not Japanese, our language skills and whether we had enough money. Bframe5 said that it was the first time ever that he had been treated that way and of course we decided to walk away, though the hostesses did look sumptuous in their tight OL outfits.

Get your hand out of my wallet!

We found ourselves at another kyabakura. A bit small but at least they didn`t ask for our credit cards upfront. Unfortunately, the first batch of hostesses that we got were bad. Bframe5`s was pretty ugly and Rei got the best of the 3. After the initial OMFG, I feel like I`m in Ryuugagotoku/midnight dorama` it become WTF this bitch is trying to get me to buy her a drink every 5 minutes. And they were very fucking aggressive. I think we each bought our hostesses 3 drinks and they weren`t that attractive, except for Rei`s.

Nana looks really good in this.

Time was up and bframe quickly said that we were happy to change. We had decent looking girls now. Bframe had the best looking girl though. She was IMHO, the one hostess in the kyabakura worth buying 2 drinks an hour for. She had this bubbly personality and seemed smarter than the rest. Mine was better looking but she couldn't fake any decent amount of enthusiasm in the conversation. WTF are the Jyoou Virgin`s in Osaka??????!!!!!! I think we all asked the hostesses who they listened to and they all said Ayu, Namie and Lady Gaga. That tells you a lot. The bill at the end was fucking crazy. I could have almost bought a Saber Lily Golden Caliburn figure for it! Gaaaaaaaah.

Mika and Nana.

Undeterred though, bframe5 lead us to a snaku. The price was decent, the girls overall were better and they didn`t make money from us ordering drinks for the girls. The girls, Mika and Nana were as pretty nice. Yes, when you get good service you remember the girl`s name though when I think it was Nana said she like the evil trinity of Ayu, Namie and Gaga, bframe and I were rolling our eyes at each other. The service at the snaku was good and the price decent. Bframe5 said that the kyabakuras at Nagoya were definitely better so I guess its also a case of knowing where to go.

3 of the coolest dudes in Osaka.

At the end my wallet was much lighter but at least I can say that I`ve been to a kyabakura, snaku and biyoshi in Japan. Thanks to brame5 for coming all the way down to Osaka and wasting your money to show me and Rei a good time. Not to mention doing the whole `my Australian friends would like to take a picture with you` routine. You`re a legend.


sparqi said...

choose one of the following:




Jung said...

Looks like I missed a hell of a party... Suddenly my life looks like an even bigger joke than it already is.

Wewi said...

Any Gold / Pink Champagnes? Don Perignon's? :P

Hmm Jyou Virgin's change room scene. Too bad no gaijin ninja shot skills around for the change room this time!! ARgh!

Hey, did Rei get me a sony nex-5? (thinking nex-7 might be the go if he hasn't haha)
Please ask him for me.

Thanks, have a good one!

Alex Mitchell-Dawson said...

Nana looks cute she wearing jeans? o_O, no thigh revealing outfit for Mike :(.

Do they really ask for your phone number so they can harass you to come see them again, or is that just a Kazuma Kiryu service?

Also going on the train/bus sounds like a good idea. If what I'm lead to believe from watching JAV is true, you can have sex with random girls and even in a packed train/bus nobody will notice. They'll be too busy playing DS and reading hentai manga.

Or you can try the Densha Otoko plan which is clearly 100% fiction.

Next stop maid cafe?

bframe5 said...

The first caption couldn't be more fitting! ^^;

Akiramike said...

Sparqi, what`s taigideatta?

Will, if one of them looked like Kadena Reon, I`d be happy to spend on gold champagne and try to organise take away.

Alex, are you implying that I can only see inner beauty up a skirt?

You`ve finally admitted to having a JAV collection? Must visit you with an empty HD.

Next time is definitely maid cafe.

Anonymous said...

rmb my string miko

sparqi said...

in jidaigeki when the lord is pleased with someone who has completed his mission or something he says:

taigideatta. (thanks, good job etc)

Im REALLY looking forward to photos from a maid cafe... :)

Jung: I demand you get it together with your japan trip!! Your emperor will be pleased.

RetroKingSimon said...

Looks like an awesome city, I'd love to visit one day :)