Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Days 2 and 3 or why UFO catchers are evil.

I had actuallz written a very, very long post but this because of this goddamn Japanese keyboard causes random refreshes and I was relying on autosave but one stupid mistake cost me the entire fucking post. Gaaaah. Stupid keyboard! Rather than type out the entire damn thing again I'm going to just put up pictures taken by Hellcar and add descriptions. Next time I'm bringing an English keyboard to Japan.

Eating with Iino at a Hakkaido Izakaya. Bloody expensive but at least we got to eat horsemeat.

Kyushu Jangara Ramen. Rumour has it, Daigo ate here before he went on his 200 win streak rampage in Vampire Saviour.

Hellcar going for his Japanese girl printclub look.

Do you think I might get a 200 game losing streak after eating here?

Rei to drunk with love for his new camera.

Hhhm, I think I need a pillow to rest my head.

Another 1200 yen gone. This time I'm going to get the Love Plus pillow for sure.

Vending machines are the best way to get rid of coins.
Billy playing at Big Box arcade. For some reason you can only play against people opposite you.

Right before Hellcar got warned not to take pictures of weapons. I can kinda understand those army otakus now. Who wouldn't want this in their house?

New Hatsune Miku arade game with long queue and yes, pictures were prohibited.


maiku said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like you guys are having a blast.

I sorta remember liking the raw horse. They'd always order it after the sixth beer or so. Some sort of amusing 'challenge the drunk gaijin' game.

The 500 yen coins always scare me. They disappear way too fast.

Anonymous said...

You gotta post a pic of the said goddamn Japanese keyboard. :)

Did not know Hatsune-chan has a video game. There is nowhere where she has not invaded yet.

Keep the pics coming.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, keep up the good work. But where are the pantsu shots?

- Flyrogue

Akiramike said...

I`m still working on convincing Hellcar to use his ninja skills for beneficial purposes but somehow pantsu shots don`t seem to interest him.

Wewi said...

The ramen looks REAL good!!
sigh... I'll just have real Australian Angus Beef instead..

Have you been to any of the arcades and played anyone youtube famous yet?