Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 6, Osaka: I wish I were a white guy.

Gaijin and 3 supporting characters.

So there we were, after having tomato ramen for dinner and looking for a bar to go to. New Yorker wasn`t open yet so we walked around and came to this bar which shall remain nameless for obvious reasons. The master was really good and we managed to hold conversations with our limited Japanese.

Kawa from Kyoto!

Then this chick strolls in and the master asks her whether she`d be able to converse with us in English. After some awkward pauses, me and Rei started conversing with her. Usual introductory stuff. I realise that I didn`t know my job description in Japanese. She was a hairdresser but other details are to be omited in order not to identify her.

Does this face actually look like..............

We got to talking about movies, music etc. She was a big fan of Lar en ciel which Rei was so that got the conversation moving smoothly. She mentioned that she was a huge fan of Hyde and said that Hellcar looked like him. During the conversation, she mentioned a couple of times that she thought Hellcar was kakoii and cute. I told Hyde about it and asked if I should call him over but she was all hazukashi and all.

this?????????? She also said I looked like the drummer from Spitz which I do not look like. I probably look like the drummer from GagagaSP.

The theme became practicing English and it was basically me asking her questions in English and saying it in Japanese if she didn`t understand and her replying in Japanese. I wrote down two sentences seen below and suggested she practice on Hellcar but she kept on doing her hazukashi thingie. I`ve seen enough JAV to know that yamete means no so I got Hyde to come over and her to ask him those two lines.

 This is my first ever English lesson. I`m feeling the inspiration to teach English here.

Temple in Kyoto. For me it was pretty much go in, nice temple, where do we go next? Kyoto is too small unless you really really like this sort of thing.

Problem was, Hyde could read katakana and hiragana but couldn`t do much speaking. So I basically had to be the interpreter for them. Translating English to Japanese and Japanese to English. Now I know how the supporting characters in jdoramas feel. I was the plot device to bring the Japanese girl and her Hyde together and I was the device that allowed them to communicate.

Abe on a vending machine.

Seriously though, it was pretty fun. Loved seeing her hazukashi expressions. Like I told her, I think Osaka girls are way better and more natural. She was saying she didn`t have her full makeup on and I was telling her she looked kirei. Somehow or rather, we got to talking about going to her workplace for a haircut. Pretty sure she was talking about Hellcar only but but goddamit I might as well get something out of playing supporting character to Hellcar. Oh yeah, Hyde said maybe to her propositions which I thought was very Kimutaku Pride like.

Dragon from temple near JR Kyoto.

So tomorrow`s plan is Den Den Town, haircut by cute Japanese girl who thinks Hellcar looks like Hyde and I`ll have to do the supporting character thing and leave them alone after that. If only there were a female supporting character. Next time I come Japan, I`m going to have a face off transplant with a gaijin and probably a chest hair transplant as well.


sparqi said...

I think it'd be a wasted trip if you dont announce at each bar some variation on

honto ni kokoro kara mina san ganbatte kudasai!

preferably whilst teary eyed...

heheheh...also wheres the evil jung?

Wewi said...

I've three tiny little minor points I'd like to bring forward on this glorious event..
1. Tomato Ramen - When a man who refuses to go to a nice restaurant and insists on eating in a worse restaurant solely for the volume of meat that they give, goes and eat a tomato ramen you have to wonder why..
2. The Kirei dorama situation - BALLS++++!! I respect dat!
3. Haircut - WTFLOL.. needless to say we had a lot of tearful laughs at your expense. I love it! A new place, a changed man. Keep up the good work, buddy!! Full support from Australia! *GUTS BACK SLAP*

Akiramike said...

Sparqi, I would have to be very drunk to do that and I don`t think I would last more than 2 bars.


1. It was the first and last time I would eat tomato ramen.

2. If Hellcar`s gaijin powers work in Fukuoka, I`m going to demand a goukon before they can even speak to him.

3. Laugh all you want but you could have been here perving at all the Japanese girls.

Wewi said...


All the better if you ask Rei to take pictures. Pictures do last longer.

Btw, your ADSL2 is SOOOO quick!! no more pausing on vids hahahaha. I'm quite enjoying it while you're away.

When's Billy flying back?