Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last post from Japan

Yes, that is me doing the nyan. You can stop laughing now.

Hellcar and I were at the counter of this figure store. Me with a Cammy and Chobits figure and him with two other figures whose names escape me. We had come to the shop in search of Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere but it was not to be found. Just as the clerk added the sums, I reached to my back pocket and discovered to my horror that my wallet was not to be found!

Really nice cosplay chick doing promotion in Akiba.

Earlier in the morning I was freaking sick. In fact I had been sick for the whole day. Stupid running nose means breathing through the mouth when sleeping equals very dry throat equals drinking lots of water to no avail and running to the toilet every half hour. Woke up around 8-ish, took one hayfever tablet and two panadols from Rei and went to back to sleep.

Happy Honey is just on the 6th floor.

Woke up 10ish feeling drugged up but at least my sinus was clear. Sat around for an hour wondering whether I should go Akiba now or rest up and meet up with Inno later. Finally decided that I can rest when I get back to Melb. Yesterday someone went to massage parlour and someone else to a nurse massage place in Shinjuku. The pressure was on. I decided that I would go to this maid relaxation place today called Happy Honey.

Happy Honey tissue info.

Was walking around Akiba trying to find the damn place when I decided to look for the tissue girls instead and let them direct me. Found two of them and they were short, very kawaii types. Definitely over 20 but they played the part well in directing me to Happy Honey. At the reception, the receptionist could tell I was not Japanese and said that only gaijin who can speak fluent Japanese were allowed. Managed to convince her my Japanese was good enough. She mentioned that they had someone who could speak English but she was busy. Told her was would ok. I did not travel long hours just to speak English with Japanese girls.

Back to first year of middle school for me!

Anyway, the system at Happy Honey is in 20 minute blocks. You can choose to go for head massage, body, hands feet and I can`t remember the other two. I paid for 40 minutes and decided to go for head and body. Oh yeah, they switch girls for every block as well. Happy Honey does not have a maid theme but a middle school theme. I even got to choose my class number when I registered. Basically you need to have pretty decent Japanese to visit this type of place because you basically have to be able to hold a conversation for at least 20 minutes and I had practice in Osaka.

Very important for protecting your wrists.

 I was randomly wandering around shops when I got a call from Hellcar to meet up. I spotted two decently prized oppai mousepads and quickly grabbed them before running to meet Hellcar. We proceeded to the figure store where I realised my wallet was gone. My first thoughts were I must have been picpocketed since the crowds in Akiba on Saturday were crazy. I was thinking about what I needed to do, call the bank to cancel my cards and make a police report. First is retrace steps to previous shops.

Sex shop in Akiba. All the shops have a floor for each big JAV producer and the amount and variety and titles they have is staggering. Wish they had real life girls dakimakura or pillow covers though.
Thanks the Otaking that I had stupidly left my wallet at the shop or had dropped it at the counter. Couldn`t make up what he was saying as I was thanking him over and over. Ran back to the shop to get my Cammy and Chobits figures and lo and behold, Hellcar found his over 200,00 yen Gwendolyn! It was as if the powers that be arranged the lost wallet so he could find Gwendolyn. Ran to meet Inno and Rei and it was off to our first maid cafe! The maid cafe had a counter which was split in the middle for the maids to walk through from the kitchen.

Rei and Inno and some kawa. (chicken skin)

Hourly charge was 500 yen pp. The maid taking our order was pushing me to take the deluxe package for around 4500 yen which including her making a drawing with tomato sauce on the omrice, her singing a song, taking a group photo with all the maids and other stuff. After the pushy kyabakura in Osaka I held firm and settled on sausages, a beer and a photo together. She almost had me and in hindsight I should have ordered it.

That is chicken ass on a stick. Yum.

If you`ve seen videos of maid cafes, when they bring you your food and drinks, you need to do some moe hand signals and say something like `oishikunaru, kyun kyun, dakyun!`. Unfortunately, Rei had the wtf is this crap look on his face, Hellcar had the I only want to see you do it look and Inno just sat bemused. In hindsight  I should have told them what to expect but it was interesting watching the maids open champagne bottles, play games etc.

Haruhi ferrari in Akiba.

If I`m not feeling too sick tomorrow I`m going to a maid cafe and ordering the main course this time before going back downunder. Hellcar says he`ll come along but I think he just wants to laugh at me doing all the moe stuff.

 All you need is niku! 

 Makes me want to buy the Saber Lily figure but I really don`t have any room left. 

 Very sexy cammy figure.
  There is actually a magazine called U-17.
Back cover of said magazine which I will definitely peruse when I get back.


Everybody at Mike's Place said...

Do you get to demand what they draw with the tomato sauce or did you forget the last 2 options that they can draw?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading all the posts about your holiday in Japan.
It was nice of you to do so.
Thanks so much.

Jung said...

With all these paraphernalia, I hope you don't become a target of random bag search at the airport...

You might be denied entry. lolz...