Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wagyu yakiniku Nunogami in Osaka

Went out with Yukimi and Megumi on Monday. Megumi's quit Hakushe but Yuka-chan from the good old days of gift has taken over over so its all good. Gyu tan with wasabi on top. Yum.

Nunogami won this tabelog award in 2014 and both Yukimi and Megumi say its the best yakiniku place in Osaka so I went in with super high expectations. Plus you can't get a seat without booking and Yukimi tried booking this place when during my previous trip but couldn't.

Nunogami gets top marks for presentation. As for taste, it didn't really blow my tastesbuds away. It was good but not memorable. Both Yukimi and Megumi were saying that the taste was a bit off.

I've had yakiniku sushi before but this is the first time I've had it with raw meat. Tasted but the cooked one I always have in Saitama is always better. While the food did not live up to high expectations, the company was great. I think I should have ditched Kumamoto for more Osaka.

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