Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Honjitsu wa, Ohigara mo Yoku Eps 3+4

What a disappointment. After an interesting two episodes the show goes completely dumbed down. It become a stupid black and white political show where no policies are discussed, stupid slogans are thrown left and right and nothing exciting happened.

The opposing speech writer was shocked his candidate was making deals with companies? Oh, the shock and horror. (sarcasm) Not to mention the speech writer wanting to 'fight fair'. What sort of idealistic Japan is this show set in? Isn't politics about backstabbing, backroom deals and smear campaigns?

I thought this show was about speech writing? How about dumbass politician gets himself into trouble but does a great speech that nullifies the problem or even turns the tables? Show me the power of speech instead of giving me speeches that make me roll my eyes.

I guess the casting was a sign that this aint your typical thinking person's WOWOW show. Its more like your mainstream braindead jdorama with WOWOW production values. Avoid. What a disappointment.


Buck said...

Is this the first WOWOW show which got the crap rating from you? I see the idealistic, naive sentiment in every damned Japanese shows. Even Hagetaka is not an exception i.e so-called businessmen who had no idea how to run a business bullshit about friendship, history, altruism while blaming bankers for their failure.

Akiramike said...

@Buck: I think this might be my first crap WOWOW rating. Its more the idealism stifles the script and prevents it from doing interesting stuff with the concept.