Thursday, February 02, 2017

Quartet Ep 3

Wow. Mitsushima Hikari is so effing good at acting.

It just seems so effortless for her and yet so few can reach her level.

Marry her acting with Sakamoto Yuji's script and you've got an episode where I was transfixed at every world and glance.

Episode 3 is a simple story about Suzume's past and the sadness behind her smiles that won't feel out of place in Shinya Shokudo.

I love the continued jokes about Takahashi Issei's underwear. The comedy in Quartet is simple but effective whereas something like Salaryman Sanae-shi sometimes tries to hard to be funny that it is tiring.

The wifi punchline at the end had me laughing. This is the pinnacle of jdoramas; where talent meets great script to bring interesting characters to life! Absolutely, positively must watch!

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D. Li said...

Glad you're following and reviewing this drama, blew me away starting from the karaage scene, hooked since. Such amazing character development and gripping plot lines and yet such a muted style of storytelling..