Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rest of Japan 2017 pictures

With Remu-tan in Akihabara.

Taking note of the days when Butayarou in Nakano are closed. Eating places usually close one day a week, which you can easily look up on tabelog but if they are doing more days it will be plastered on the shop and its important to take note.

The Switch looks a lot smaller than I expected. Its only slightly bigger than the Vita. I love my Vita. If only there were a market for a Vita 2. I want Nintendo to succeed because otherwise the future is pay to win games but their lack of information and actual meaningful 3rd party games means I'll wait for the New Switch XL.

The saddest thing about this Japan trip besides being unwell for most of it is that I don't get that many 3DS street passes anymore. Japan is truly knee deep into mobile phone gaming now. :(

New Sega arcade right next to King Kong/Millenium Tower in Kabukicho/Kamurocho.

I bought the Kiryu and Majima shirts.

The Sega arcade from outside.

Queueing outside Narikura in Takadanobaba for the best tonkatsu in Japan 20 minutes before doors opened at 11am. I think this is my second or third time at Narikura.

I went for the special 250g kuro buta (plack pig) roast set at 3900 yen.

One and a half hours later, the food finally arrived.

I was actually talking about Narikua with Yukimi over yakinuku. She called it the white meat place and said while it was delicious, the average 2 hour waiting time definitely contributes to its taste which is true. 

I finally made the pilgrimage to this famous retro game centre Mikado in Takadanobaba which was surprisingly easy to find. This place is legendary and you can find plenty of info on it online.

This is the famous Games Maya store in Kasai. Its famous because its a very beautiful shop run by an old lady who writes this Games Maya blog that I have been reading for the past year. Over the counter, she's got pictures of her with many famous game people including Kojima Hideo. If you are a gamer its a nice shop to visit although there's nothing much in Kasai. I recommend reading the blog for Japanese studies.

Ryu ga Gotoku souvenir at Onomichi station.

Watching this show about the writer of the legendary jdorama series Kita no Kuni Kara and him doing this play about a marathon race.

All you can eat karaage (fried chicken) for 999 yen.

I may be a hardcore Yakuza fan but I'm giving this figma a miss because Kiryu doesn't look like Kiryu.

Running around Ikebukuro looking for Yamazaki or Hakushu 12 and found plenty of Kurayoshi in stock which I never heard of. Asked my yakiniku/whisky expert Megumi who promptly told me that its crap.

Sakuraba Nanami poster that says 'We will not forgive terrorism'. I don't know who its suppose to scare off or make feel safe but I wouldn't mind this hanging in my room.

Hanging out with these two brothers at Hotaru until close on Friday.

Last night in Hotaru with Yuni-chan and the guy who's always playing idoru smartphone games. Finally got my voice back at full strength on the last day.

From top row going left to right:

1) Guild 01 - Less than 200 yen and its a collection of 4 eshop games and I wanted to the D&D like game called Crimson Shroud.

2) Codename Steam - Valkyria Chronicles with retro comic feel featuring American icons. Made for the US market but sadly didn't sell well but its more Valkyria Chronicles than Valkyria Azure Revolution.

3) Project X Zone 2 - I haven't even touched the first game gut this has got Kiryu, Majima and Segata Sanshiro and its the original game sound edition so its got all the original music.

4) Red Ash - I think its by Mistwalker, maker of Lost Odyssey.

5) Sonic Lost World - Just got the Wii U version when it went on sale in the shop and I quite like it. I like the 3D effects.

6) Sonic Generations - Slim Sonic and Fat Sonic team up.

7) Monster Hunter Stories - I quick like it. Its got a story and its a turn based game.

8) Yoshi's Wolly World - Only game I regret buying. Graphically I prefer the 20 year old Snes game and the 3D sucks.

9) Sega 3D Archives Final Stage - I got most the games I want digitally but I got this cause Thunder Force 3 is cartridge only. Sega does a really awesome job with the 3D for these games. If only they Thunder Force 4 cause its twice as beautiful as TF3 and parallax scrolling would make the 3D incredible.

10) Berserk guide book!!!!!!!!!

11) Feel free to laugh at me. At least I got it 2nd hand so Furyu does not get my money. I just wanted a brain dead Love Plus.

Thanks to Hotaru's mama for procuring for me two bottles of Yamazaki 12.

If I keep it for another 6 years the Yamazaki would increase in price by more than 5 times!

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