Sunday, February 12, 2017

Onomichi, Hiroshima

I am in Onomichi Hiroshima for one reason and that is because Onomichi appeared in Yakuza 6.

This is the first time I'm not meeting up with bframe in Japan. :(

I didn't see this in Yakuza 6.

 OK, this is starting to look very familiar.

I so wanted to kick the kids out of the way jump on the snow and make a snow fairy.

The Ultraman outside this toy shop looks like its from 1975.

Went to this shop for Onomichi ramen.

Meh. Had to put lots of white pepper to eat it. Should have checked tabelog for the best rated one at least.

This reminds me of this sub mission in Yakuza 6 where some guy is stuck in the roof.

This looks very, very familiar.

Senkouji temple! I definitely know this place!

View from Senkouji.

Obsevatory at the top of the hill.

Picture of the poems which Kiryu had to solve to get to the Onomichi mystery.

People waiting for the ropeway.

In Yakuza 6 you can walk around Onomichi and Kabukicho collecting cats and I was surprised to see there're really a lot of cats in Onomichi.

Comepletely forgot to bring cat food with me.

OMG this is the spot that Kiryu goes shark hunting from and they've even got the vending machines!

I found the snack district West of Onomichi train station.

I really wanted to hit a snack in Onomochi but my throat problem is far from being healed.

Nice sunset view from hotel.

Watching this show called Kunoichi 2017.

For some reason I can't stop watching.

She's the wrestler who was in Yakuza 6! Lol, talk about coming full circle today.

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Jung said...

Ah... great photos. I love run down parts of Japan.

Nice to see you are still at it with Japan trips.

That snow on playground picture made me burst out laughing.

A pile of snow in tiny little playground in concrete jungle, supervised by drove of parents.