Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow in Kumamoto (Update)

Last year Kumamoto was hit by a big earthquake. I think Kumamoto castle is still closed. (forgot to ask) During my last trip I was supposed to go Kumamoto but a typhoon hit Kumamoto and I had to change plans. So finally I'm back to contribute to Kumamoto's economy.

Hoodie drawn by One Piece mangaka in support of Kumamoto. As I've mentioned many times, me love Kumamoto. Its my favourite small town in Japan because of its vibrant nightlife. Most drinking places close 1 or 2 am but Kumamoto bars go all the way until morning.

Normally would have kept going but my throat hurts from the stuffiness when using heaters in hotels. I ended up breathing a lot through my mouth which screwed up my throat.

Sad to say the arcade below Tsutaya has been closed and replaced by a book/coffee shop. Seeing arcades closed always makes me sad.

Caught up with Asami for yakiniku. This is my second yakiniku of this trip and I've got another one lined up for Monday. She knows the owner so we got free oysters. Hopefully I can rest my throat tomorrow and get it healed. Its supposed to be snowing in Fukuoka tomorrow so I might make it a day trip or I might just hikkikomori and play and 3DS and eat Kumamoto ramen.

Update: My throat is screwed and so is the rest of my trip.

Nakamura Yuri in Masuyama Chounouryoko Jimusho on tv, a midnight show about characters with super powers helping with investigations. So bad its great for watching when trying to fall asleep.

Once upon a time, Komurasaki used to be heaven to me but today its just so standard.

Kumamoto katsuretsurei, a not bad mid range 2000 yen tonkotsu.

AKB midnight show about wrestling. At least its better than the kyabakura one.

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