Friday, February 17, 2017

Wagakki band at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Updated)

If you've never heard of Wagakki band you need to watch this.

I started listening to them a year ago and now their songs are some of my favourite to karaoke.

Someone was passing this out to people lining up for goods. It says during the encore, please sing akatsuki no ito.

Lining up for goods two hours before doors open.

Its been a while since I've been to a big arena and I completely forgot my rule of arrive 4 hours before doors open. Unfortunately the hoodie and the one nice shirt were sold out. you never have to worry about things being sold out with smaller bands. Very pissed off with myself.

Waiting for doors to open at 6pm.

Nearly there.

View from my arena seat. Wagakki band iare very good with their shownmanship. As they were taping for WOWOW, they went all out with taiko drums and students from a sword school.

The best part was still everyone singing Akatsuki no Ito during the encore and then the band coming back up and singing the song. It was like a religious experience. I am sad to say the dragon never appeared although I am sure it was hovering somewhere outside.

The only shirt I could get and it's only L size.

Awesome pen light.

Towel that's a bit too small.

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