Saturday, February 25, 2017


One day an old couple's house is burned down and the father confesses to the police that 16 years ago, he killed his teenage daughter and buried her under the floor. The statute of limitations on the murder had expired but why tell the police?

At the same time, Nakama Yukie who is a journalist is visited by a mother who claims that her son can into other people's minds and had drawn about the house that was burnt down. Of course the two incidents somehow have a link and we follow Nakama Yukie as she tries to piece the clues together.

I 'm surprised I had not written something about Rakuen earlier. Its my other show that I was excited for besides Quartet. How good the show is rests on how good the final reveal is and I liked it and it brought everything full circle. I was actually very worried that the story would go for an elaborate twist from the left field but its good the reveal is the one that makes the most sense and it wonderfully answered my nagging concern about a certain character throughout the series.

I really liked Kobayashi Kaoru as the father and Kaho as the daughter. If I have a complaint about Rakuen, its that Nakama Yukie is in it too much. Well done WOWOW. You really know how to make good thrillers. Very watchable and thanks to natka for subbing this show!

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