Saturday, July 02, 2016

Why Street Fighter V sucks

The latest patch just come out with the new story mode and Ibuki and Boxer but I'm bloody fed up with Capcom.

1)SFV is a freemium game sold as at full price.

Capcom promised you won't need to spend money on DLC packs to get all the characters but they've erected a huge wall for players to get enough fight money especially with the super tedious survival modes where you lose your progress if you are disconnected from the server.

I've done the story modes and only had fight money for two out of the four DLC characters. What happened to unlocking characters but beating the arcade mode? Oh yeah, SFV doesn't have one.

2) They've promised daily challenges for players to get fight money but it still hasn't happened.

Why? The fight money from winning matches online is negligible and Capcom are afraid challenges would give out too much fight money that people won't pay them extra money.

3) You need fight money to buy fucking stages in addition to the characters.

WTF!?! How much do they want to milk their fans? Its bloody hard enough getting money for the characters and they want money for stages? I already payed $80 for this piece of shit game and you want more money for Guile's stage?

4) Another loading screen is coming your way.

The game takes so bloody long to load its not funny and they've still not fixed this after 4 and a half months. In Ultra SF4 it takes an instant to go from training mode to ranked match and back again. In SFV the loading is Playstation 1 level of frustratingly long. USF4 might have a lot less people playing but at least I don't have to stare at loading screens all the freaking time.

5) 8 frame lag and the constant server connection produces lag even when playing offline versus.

6) The new story mode is freaking boring.

The money and time would have been better spent on making a decent arcade mode with escalating difficulty and more stages for versus. So much unnecessary padding. I cleared it and skipped most of the cutscenes. The arcade mode in SF4 was more entertaining.

7) Still no answer to rage quitting.

How could they not have anticipated this problem with an online freaking game?

8) Not as fun as USF4.

A lot of characters are so boring to watch or play. Without Tokido's Ryu, a lot of tournaments would be sleep inducing. I just don't enjoy a limited reversal, 3 frame wakeup jab heavy game where characters have variable frame data.

9) Marketing bullshit.

I hate how Capcom badmouths USF4 with fallacies like auto Ibuki set ups when SFV has R Mika corner set ups. At least after I block an Ibuki set up I'm fine. Speaking about Capcom marketing bullshit, how about how SFV is easier to play because it doesn't have 1 frame links? SFV Beginners have no chance in SFV.

10) Still no ability to search/create rooms by region/ping

Its an absolute joke that they have still to address this. Its such an important part of online play and should have been there since day 1.


I give up on this crap. If the game had come out as a free game or with a super low price, I would have been happy to pay for extra characters and stages but now its no different from one of those freemium mobile phone games. At least they didn't introduce pay to win bullshit like SFxTekken. Screw you Capcom. KOFXIV has fifty characters and they've got plenty of stages that won't cost extra money.

Ultimately, SFV is a rip off, not just for the hardcore fans but also the casuals who bought an incomplete game at full price and has since moved on to other games. Capcom will keep milking the hardcore fans by charging for things that should have been on the disc in the first place. Its like going to a hostess club and the girl asking you to buy her drinks in addition to the money you are already paying for her time.

I liked it better when Capcom kept releasing new versions of Street Fighter because I was getting my money's worth.


nate said...

Agreed with just about everything but the loading/waiting is really what kills it for me. Even getting into training mode from the main menu takes what feels like forever...

Akiramike said...

I think the loading for Neo Geo CD is faster. lol