Monday, July 25, 2016

Toki wo kakeru Shoujo (1983)

The 1983 movie for The Girl who Leapt Through Time is the story about the aunt character in the anime starring 80s idoru Harada Tomoyo.

Being an idol movie, its got a catchy 80s theme song.

The anime was a more fun time travelling story but the 1983 is more of a sad story about a love that can never be.

The most fun for me was watching a young Noguchi sensei from Iryuu as the teacher cum comedy relief. Too bad his role was very limited.

I get why it was popular and why the heartrending ending would work in the 1930s but the lack of chemistry between the two leads was a problem for me. The song at the nursery was nice though.

Nothing says 80s Japan like buruma. :)

Its an ok movie which I would rate behind the anime and the 2010 movie and fans of 80s Japan will get more of a kick from this movie.

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