Sunday, July 31, 2016

Quick Jdorama reviews 31/7/16


I enjoyed the twins  storyline for this story arc but once again everyone dies at the end and in episode 5 we go back to the start again and this time concentrating on another girl. Someone recommended the anime to me but why should I care about the characters when non of them remember what happened? Maybe this will make sense when all four girls' storylines are explored but 4 episodes in there's no mystery that has me excited. Avoid.


Shoujou dorama set in an aquarium with clumsy ganbatte girl always getting scolded by love interest. So pedestrian its not worth watching unless you really like to see behind the scenes stuff at an aquarium. If you want a shoujou dorama, watch KoeKoi instead.


I actually finished this one because I wanted to see how it would end and the ending was not bad. I love the twists and turns that Yabai Tsuma goes through as everyone makes alliances or set up people up. Kimura Yoshino owns this role as the enigmatic housewife.

What pulls this show down is the directing and tone of the movie. Its too bright and there's too much overacting. Somethings feels off about the visual tone of this thriller. Put this show on NHK or WOWOW, get the Iryu guy to do the music and Yabai Tsuma could have been a must watch. Surprisingly watchable.


The very definition of generic waste of time medical show. The sad thing is this show about this team of people going undercover in hospitals to investigate malpractices has a very good cast which is why I struggled through 3 episodes hoping for some bright spot.

Its a crime that Fujii Mina does not get to do anything in this show. If Doctor Chousahan were a generic cop show instead and Fujii Mina had stuff to do, I would have at least watched it till the end. Do not waste your time.


Did someone get  a hangover and accidentally go overboard with photoshop. I watched this streaming and this is exactly the super bright, overacting dorama that's not a comedy that I hate. An absolute waste of Ono Machiko and Eguchi Yosuke. I'd rather they cast some crappy idorus who cannot act instead of these two. If somehow the super dazzling poster peaks your fancy, this show is for you. The rest of us should avoid this like a Gouriki dorama.


Cyberwave said...

Nothing eye-catching this season so far. Olympics or Pokemon is not an excuse for allowing that slackness in production.

Otokomeshi is barely an OK time waster gourmet drama for me. Waiting for NHK's Kidnap Tour & Mamagoto.

Buck said...

So do you rank Yabai Tsuma above the Ono Machiko show? Watched only the 1st episode of Yabai and there's something in the directing that feels so lazy and patronizing to viewers. Every thing needs to be explained, every bad guy smirks, sneers or can't act normal, everything screams: "See how evil women are? Now crap out!".

Bobo said...

You should review Gurame ;)

Sonna~ said...

I wanted to like Hajimemashite, Aishiteimasu because I still have faith in Yukawa-sensei to make a decent drama again. I don't know where he's going with this one though. :/ Haven't bothered to watch the second ep. Watching someone play a walk-through of Yak 5 cuz Mr. Sonna can't be bothered to finish it.

I had/have a lot of faith in Ozaki Masaya-sensei too and heard he did Omukae Death, but it's not really the type of show I like, so *sigh.*

Akiramike said...

Buck: Oh yeah, Yabai Tsuma is better because at the very least there's the twists and turns to look forward to.

Bobo: I am not a masochist.

Sonna~: Yukawa Kazuhiko is very hit and miss. There's no point playing Yakuza 5 and not doing the dance battles/driving the taxi. :)

I am going sick of Tsuchiya Tao so I don't think I'm going to try Omukae Death.