Friday, July 01, 2016

Contrail : Tsumi to Koi Eps 1-6

Contrail is a jdorama with a decent cast; Arata, Ishida Yuriko and Sakuraba Nanami but has horrible writing. Ishida Yuriko lost her husband when someone when amok with a knife and runs a curry shop.

She runs into Arata's mute truck driver who as it turns out was the one who killed her husband when struggling to disarm the killer.

Wife falls in love with husband's killer. We can pretty much expect some super tense scenes right? Nope. The writer, Ooishi Shizuka write Contrail like a weekday afternoon housewife soap opera complete with annoying mother in law and son.

Scenes that are supposed to be exciting like Ishida Yuriko vs Sakuraba Nanami turn completely flat because of the dialogue and motivations are just so undeveloped. Oh yeah, there's also a cop who rivals Jorah Mormont in terms of wasting time with a woman with no hope of breaking past the friend zone.

Don't waste time with Contrail. I'm going to see this two the end cause there are only two episodes left and I need more Sakuraba Nanami, despite the fact her character is so stupid. So disappointing. Avoid.

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